Tuesday, November 5, 2019

What's coming up for Deb13

What is coming up for Deb13 before the end of this year. 

The theme for the next month is feeling young and exploring ideas. 

The Knight Pentacles in the first week is being conservative,  productive, hard working and routine. 

Three Swords in the second week has a disappointment, maybe some tears,  a loss of some sort. 

The Lovers in the third week is about decisions and choices in love. It is about harmony and relationships. 

Six Pentacles in the fourth week is about feeling bountiful,  family,  money,  lending money, sharing money and good fortune.  

Two Wands is the theme for this month. You will be looking at new ventures,  planning, discoveries and decisions. 

Ten Wands in first week. Feeling burdened. Carrying the load. 

The High Priestess in second week. Trusting your intuition and following your instinct. You are being given the knowledge that you need.

Five Swords third week. Conflicts,  disagreements,  winning the battle but have you won the war. 

Eight Wands fourth week. Something will happen quickly. Given the theme it could be making a decision or coming to a conclusion. 

We hope this reading has provided insight into your current situation

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