Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Forecast Question

When someone's life is changing they generally ask about a forecast. I've done both a 12 month forecast and a 6 month forecast. The 12 month started in January but the 6 month is from now.

You were already contemplating your life early in the year. You've had sleepless nights and withdrawn  into yourself. You've been really feeling down and out. But things are starting to come full circle. Follow the structured path and use your own power to create your future. Be wary of your apathy, lack of enthusiasm and not seeing the gifts surrounding you because there is sneaky and strategic  business happening around a lover at the end of the year followed by a new beginning.

This is the time of reckoning  of dramatic new beginnings. You are moving toward a calmer shore. There will be some struggles on the way but you will be in charge of your life and you will be confident, courageous and determined. You  have it within you to make magic happen.  Things will move quickly at this time.

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