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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Business problem outcome

Will on ongoing problem have a successful outcome?

Seven Wands
Here you are in the centre. Standing up for beliefs, fighting your corner, protective, defensive, determined, challenging, opposing, stamina, holding your own, taking high road, maintaining control, territorial, assertive, forceful, relentless, strong will, under attack, blame, harassment, scapegoat, resisting, busy, hectic, demanding.

The Seven of Wands can represent fighting to protect what you have. When it appears you may find that you have a battle on your hands to hold on to your success or position.  You have the talent, drive and ambition to do so. You should be feeling confident and powerful when the Seven of Wands shows up in your Tarot spread. It can also signify that your conviction may be tested. You may be challenged or asked to do something that is against your morals or judgement. This Minor Arcana card would see you standing up for what you believe in. It can also indicate that you may have to defend your reputation as other try to drag you down.

Three Cups
At the beginning there was a celebration. A happy time. Coming together with others.

Nine Swords
The Nine of Swords suggests that you are deeply unhappy in your work at the moment. The stress and burdens of your work are overwhelming you. You may feel unable to cope and have reached your breaking point. It may be that the fear and severe anxiety are affecting your perspective and making you believe things are worse in your career situation than they actually are in reality. In a financial Tarot spread, the Nine of Swords indicates that your financial worries are overwhelming you and causing you severe stress and anxiety but you may be making mountains out of molehills. You need to get your negative thinking under control and look realistically at your finances. Are they really as bad as you think or can you resolve your issues?

Page of Pentacles
The Page of Pentacles is an excellent omen signifying good news. It indicates putting in the groundwork to achieve success, setting goals and deciding what you want and going for it. Whether you’re self-employed or working for someone else or looking for work when it appears, this card tells you that opportunities are available to you and you should grab them with both hands. It can also indicate that you may be seeking further education or if you are already enrolled in a course that you will excel at it if you put the effort in. In a financial context, the Page of Pentacles also signifies good financial news usually in the form of rewards for hard work. It also represent putting things in place to secure your financial future.

Four Wands
Because the Four of Wands associates so closely with the home environment, you may work on improving or renovating your house or are close to finding a new one. The Four of Wands is a good omen as it signifies good health and vitality and returning to good health after an illness. It is also a happy family card. Concentrate on your home life to get you through this problem. 

Page Cups
The Page of Cups is a bringer of messages. If you have been waiting on word about a promotion or job application the Page of Cups is a good omen indicating happy news.

Ace Cups
This card represents the culmination of a sacrifice that has been rewarded with satisfaction, contentment and a deep, lasting peace. The primary purpose of the Ace of Cups in a business reading is to point out that the way that you will feel about your business life is going to be better and more secure.

Summary - There are many cups in this reading which shows that emotions are very high at the moment. The outcome of all that emotion is a new beginning where you will feel much better going forward. 

We hope that we have offered insight into your situation.