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Friday, May 14, 2021

Why did I wake up dizzy?


The Seven of Cups is a card of new opportunities, choices, and at times, illusion. When the Seven of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, you have many options and opportunities from which you can choose. But be careful! You are prone to illusion and unrealistic ideals. An opportunity with promises of more money, more fame, or more power may sound appealing, but as you look deeper into what is on offer, you may realise it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be. Your ego may pull you in a specific direction, but it’s important you check in with your Higher Self first.

This card is inviting you to move out of the ideas and options phase and choose. Each will have its pros and cons – it’s up to you to make sure that the option you select is in alignment with your purpose and your Highest Good – even if you feel somewhat paralysed by the options available to you.


When the World card appears in a Tarot reading, you are glowing with a sense of wholeness, achievement, fulfilment and completion. A long-term project, period of study, relationship or career has come full circle, and you are now revelling in the sense of closure and accomplishment. This card could represent achieving a long-held dream or aspiration. You have finally accomplished your goal or purpose. Everything has come together, and you are in the right place, doing the right thing, achieving what you have envisioned. You feel whole and complete.

The World card asks you to bring loose ends to completion. In doing so, you will clear the space for new beginnings and opportunities to emerge.


 You have a clear vision of what you want to create, and you organise those around you to manifest your goal. You listen to the advice of others, but you prefer to have the final say. Conflict doesn’t scare you, and you won’t hesitate to use your power to protect those you care about. And in return, those people will repay you with the loyalty and respect you deserve. Claim your authority as leader and influencer and don’t let others put you down.

Through the course of your life, you have gained valuable wisdom and life experience, and now you enjoy offering guidance, advice, and direction to someone who might benefit from it.

Dizziness, balance problems and a feeling of being lightheaded. This is caused by being in a higher state of consciousness. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, and find yourself becoming increasingly more fascinated in spiritual matters, do not worry. The body takes time to adjust and things will soon settle down into this new state of consciousness. For now, try to go with the flow. Awakening to your own spirituality is a hugely positive thing and will bring you countless blessings.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Message for Me


A very important message here with the Major Arcana

PAST- The Tower indicates that the upheaval about to happen has its roots in the past. The Tower is one of the only cards in the deck that has energy that always belongs in the moment. While most cards confine their energy to the position in which they land, The Tower is about the here and now no matter where it falls in the Tarot spread. The overhaul needed in the past is about to happen whether or not you are ready for it.

Get ready it is coming.

PRESENT - The Sun is a card that indicates the universe is conspiring in your favor. The baby is a rebirth into a new phase of your life. The Sun’s appearance in your Tarot reading as an indicator that everything is going in the right direction for you.

FUTURE - Justice is the system and methods by which fairness is applied in trying to reach a decision. When the Justice card appears in the future position of your Tarot reading, the things that you are working on in your life now are inevitably leading you toward having to make a big decision. The Tarot is telling you to get ready for a big change no matter how minor a decision you are about to make. The Justice card represents justice, fairness, truth and the law. You are being called to account for your actions and will be judged accordingly. If you have acted in alignment with your Higher Self and for the greater good of others, you have nothing to worry about.

Justice is Libra - September / October

Monday, October 26, 2020

Psychic Scent

Suddenly I am surrounded by the smell of exhaust fumes. It gets really strong, really overwhelming. I looked for where the vehicle is because it must be close with the wind blowing in. But there's no vehicle parked anywhere near my house. And from experience the only way that fumes can be that strong is to be right next to it.

So I pulled three cards. They said someone feeling restricted can't move, broken heart and looking to move on.

Then I asked who is it.

And it says a person who is moving on quickly either to or from a lover in which they have made a decision.

Then I asked if it was my ex.

Ten pentacles means the security of family is in the past cycle is completed there is a new beginning and this is happening quickly by force of will.

Yes it sounds like someone from your past.

Kerry Kulkins -Gemini
Legal affairs should fare better and good news is on its way. Increase in earnings are indicated. A lot in your life is about to fall into place. Answers to mysteries. Aggressiveness will spoil a good opportunity. Luck should come in unexpected

Three days later at about the same time (exactly 8.15am because I looked at the clock) the smell wandered in and surrounded me before dispersing. This time it was not so much exhaust fumes but a smelly oily mechanic's rag. Very, very intense. Very oily. Right up close.

Something has ended the person is feeling victorious and there is a new emotional beginning.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Strange dream about the ex and what it means

It is nearly 1am. The dream is with me. It was all new, everything I was seeing and experiencing, new people, new friends. I was with a man we were in a shed, I saw a sleeping man in a made up bed on a dirt floor. It was S. I moved away, I didnt want him to see me, I didn't want to see him. But he found me, he settled in next to me, he was curling up in an awkward spot by the fire next to me, he told me to sleep, his presence was so familiar, so loving, I was content.

Sometimes I am so lost.

Went back to bed and had part 2 of the same dream. He put his hand affectionally on my foot and I saw that the back of his hand was deeply lined, I looked closer and those lines turned into criss crossed deep cuts, his shoulders were criss crossed as well. Then the skin all seemed to shrink like criss crossed pork crackle and I woke up.

I don't think he is enjoying life anymore. I think his scars are running deep. I think he misses the familiarity of home. He's been gone seven years.

At the moment he is looking in the distance,  he wants to move on. But he is in a fools land with his thinking,  he is not seeing clearly,  everything is an illusion. He is fighting little battles, he is struggling with those around him. There will be a sudden change, something will happen, there will be a new beginning. He will be moving to calmer shores,  away from his present environment. The death card tells us that the transformation is complete.

When the cards read in number sequence the meaning changes somewhat. He is in a fools land with his thinking, he wants a new beginning, he is battling with those around him, he moves to a calmer shore but something suddenly happens, a defining moment, but is met with an ending represented by death and he is looking afar to see what is out there.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Was my dream feeling for my new love real?

Seven Swords - The Past
Seven Swords says that there was sneaky business in the past.

Judgement -The Present
You are experiencing a spiritual awakening and realising that you are destined for so much more. Let go of your old self and step into this newest version of who you really are. The Judgement card often indicates that you need to make a life-changing decision.

Judgement pops up in a Tarot reading when you are close to reaching a significant stage in your journey. You have reviewed and evaluated your past experiences and have learned from them. All the pieces of the puzzle of your life are finally coming together to form one, unified picture of your life story. This integration has healed deep wounds, and you are now able to put the past behind you.

Ace Wands - The Future
The Ace of Swords indicates a new beginning. Additionally, the Ace of Swords means that everything is taking shape quickly.

Oh yes the feeling that stayed with you when you woke up is very real. This person is on his way. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Inheritance Question

For a while now, over the years, different psychics have told me that I have an inheritance coming. It sounds like typical fake jargon but so many reputable psychics saying the same thing must mean something.

So I decided to ask the question where is the inheritance coming from?

Page Swords
This Page is the messenger of truth, fairness and justice. The timing is spring and represents a Gemini,  Libra or Aquarius person. It can also represent a younger person.

Four Pentacles
This four represents someone who is financially secure with solid foundations.

Six Pentacles
This six represents generosity of spirit and a financially secure person giving to others. Sixes represent family.

The inheritance is coming in the spring from a financially secure family member

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Turn me Loose Song

For two days straight the song Turn Me Loose is first thing in my head and on the following day the song suddenly blasts me from the television. What does this mean? The words tell me this is about a male who is trapped in a relationship. A tarot reading provides the rest of the information.

The partnership brings you nothing but stress and burdens. You are near the end of the cycle, the relationship is at the end. The Lovers is at the center of your issues and you have been trying to find a balance. The Temperance card implies that you have a clear vision and know what you want to achieve, you are considering your actions.

You have a vision, a strategy and putting a plan into action, your happiness, your future with a woman is on the line. 

You want to step off the cliff into new beginnings, fate is at work here, your destiny, it will happen quickly.

You are carrying a burden, you are looking at new horizons, you want new beginnings. The lovers, your happiness, your destiny. You are looking for a balance with a sharp minded woman (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), you have clear vision of what you want and you want action now.

Question - Is this about my ex?
Ten Swords 
Yes this is about an ex.

I was born to run
I was born to dream
The craziest boy you ever seen
I gotta do it my way
Or no way at all
And I was here to please
I'm even on knees
Makin' love to whoever I please
I gotta do it my way
Or no way at all
And then you came around
Tried to tie me down
I was such a clown
You had to have it your way
Or no way at all
Well I've had all I can take
I can't take it no more
I'm gonna pack my bags and fly, baby
Or no way at all
So why don't you turn me lose
Turn me loose
Turn me loose
I gotta do it my way
Or no way at all
Why don't you turn me loose
Turn me loose
Turn me loose
I gotta do it my way
I want to fly
I'm here to please
I'm even on my knees
Makin' love to whoever I please
I gotta do it my way
I gotta do it my way
And when you came around
You tried to tie me…


What is happening here is about his lover and his happiness, greater forces that are outside of human control are at work. His life is about to change rather quickly.

Monday, November 18, 2019

How's things going in his life?

This reading tells a very straightforward story.

There is the two people, the King and Queen of Pentacles and suddenly wham!  Back stabbed and down. After that he doesn't know what to do he can't decide of any of the available alternatives.  But he either gets a message or hears from someone and a new idea takes place. He literally makes a move under his own steam but what he doesn't know is that his plans are all in dreamland and will not be as he thinks they will be.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Whats really going on?

My ex has bought land and is building a house with his 'fiance'. What is really going on?

Part 1
The Hierophant - this card represents an established set of spiritual values and beliefs and suggests you are following convention and staying within the bounds of a ‘tried and tested’ model. Instead, you adhere to the key principles and rules that you know will lead to a successful result. In the past position, this indicates a structured belief system and strong sense of cultural identity in your past.

Here the Hierophant is the first Acolyte Card. Your individuality is being subsumed to a higher cause in an epic surrender of self to ideal. The Acolytes are the two priests who kneel before the Pope. Following him is The Devil who has two prisoners chained to their self-destructive cycle of pleasure-seeking. With the large number of Pentacles in this reading the Devil is about money and the display of wealth and success.

The Devil - The Devil card represents your shadow (or darker) side and the negative forces that constrain you and hold you back from being the best version of yourself. You may be at the effect of negative habits, dependencies, behaviours, thought patterns, relationships, and addictions. When The Devil card is in the past position, your dealings with a domineering person or situation are over and done with. The foundation on which your life operates has the experience of this intense relationship at its core, but you have new structures in your life from which to operate and excel. It is good news to have The Devil in the past position. The chains have been broken.

Two Swords - The Two of Swords indicates that you are facing a challenging decision, but you are unclear about which option to take. Both possibilities may seem equally good – or equally bad – and you are stumped about which will lead you to the best outcome. The Two of Swords comes as a reminder that many of life’s decisions are difficult ones and rarely come with clear-cut answers. Avoidance will lead to greater conflict and stagnation. When the Two of Swords is in the present position, there are too many things you are willfully ignoring for you to make a decision. Your current outlook is one of either stubborn apathy or obtuse denial.

Nine Pentacles - Pentacles represent materialism, wealth and the consequences waiting for us in the real world.You have worked hard to create abundance in your life, and the Nine of Pentacles says now you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labour. The irony of the Nine of Pentacles in this position is that it becomes difficult to critique the boredom that occurs when wealth and materialism overtake us when that very boredom is a goal toward which we are striving.

Five Cups - The Five of Cups often appears in a Tarot reading when a situation hasn’t turned out the way you expected, and you are sad, regretful, and disappointed. Instead of moving on with your life, you are choosing to wallow in your self-pity. All you can focus on right now is what went wrong and how you failed. In the Future position, this card could be telling you to look more closely at the things in your life that would break your heart were drastic change to occur.

Part 2
Six Pentacles - In the past position, the Six of Pentacles indicates a parental relationship that was wrapped up in the desire for wealth to the point of being controlled by materialism. You have accumulated great wealth and are now in a position to offer financial assistance to those in need. You may also be inclined to make a loan to someone on the premise that they will eventually pay you back once they are back on their feet. This is a loan built on trust and good faith, knowing that if you give something away, it will come back to you. The Six of Pentacles is a card representing financial harmony. The amounts flowing in and out are in balance, and you are thankful for what you have and happy to share with others in need.

Eight Cups - When the Eight of Cups shows up in a Tarot reading, you may feel compelled to walk away from a disappointing situation. Now, the only choice is to put it behind you and move on with your life, even if it brings you sadness as you say goodbye. The Eight of Cups suggests you sense that something is missing, particularly on an emotional or spiritual level, and instead of waiting around for things to get better, you know you need to leave that unfulfilling situation. The strength of this card is in the person actually having left the situation – this is a motivation for you to make a radical change with your current situation.

The Moon - The Moon represents your fears and illusions and often comes out when you are projecting fear into your present and your future, based on your past experiences. You may have a painful memory that caused emotional distress, and rather than dealing with the emotions you pushed them down deep into your subconscious. Now, these emotions are making a reappearance, and you may find yourself under their influence on a conscious or subconscious level. The Moon can indicate a time of uncertainty and illusion, when nothing is what it seems. Be careful of making fast decisions when the Moon appears because you may later realise you only had half the information you needed. You need to listen to and trust your intuition so you can see beyond what is in front of you.

Ace Pentacles - represents new beginnings, opportunities, and potential – and as a Pentacles card, these new beginnings correlate to the material world: finances, wealth, career, physical health and manifestation of your goals. The Ace is the dominant type of card and pulsates its energy over the whole reading.

Two Wands - When the Two of Wands appears in a Tarot reading, you are not ready to make your move – it is more important that you establish a clear plan before proceeding. You are exploring your options and carefully plotting out the path ahead, accounting for all possibilities and potential challenges. 

The future position is a weak position for the Two Wands. Sure, you will be outspoken in the coming months or years. But the isolation over your nonconformity could be startling. Expressing your opinions in an inappropriate manner and at the wrong time could lead you to ruling a kingdom of one: yourself. The Two of Wands can be the happy leader of the revolution celebrating having done the world some good or it could be a cranky old man on the porch hollering at the neighborhood kids to get off of his lawn. What is a refreshing urge to confront in order to resolve something in the past and present becomes a love of confrontation for its own sake. If the Two of Wands shows up in your reading in this position, it is the Tarot’s way of reminding you to get some hobbies in order to have a diverse array of activities to enjoy.

Summary - The ex is on a path driven by finances, success and the conformed rules of being successful. He already knows that he is not happy, there are problems he is not dealing with. He will come to a time when he will stand back and see all that he has accomplished but that will not make him happy, it will be an empty success. He will walk away to a potential new beginning but that again will cause him to look further afield.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Why is my ex in town?

Past, THE DEVIL - With the Devil, you are choosing the path of instant gratification, even if it is at the expense of your long-term well-being. When the Devil shows up in a Tarot reading, see it as an opportunity to bring these negative influences into your conscious awareness, so you can then take action to free yourself from their hold. Shine your light on the negative patterns that have been standing in your way for so long, and over time, you will loosen the grip they have on you. It may be a recurring pattern.

It is not a good thing to get this card in your reading, with the exception that it may be the confirmation you need to end a dysfunctional relationship. When The Devil card is in the past position, your dealings with a domineering person or situation are over and done with. The foundation on which your life operates has the experience of this intense relationship at its core, but you have new structures in your life from which to operate and excel. It is good news to have The Devil in the past position. The chains have been broken.

The Chariot with The Devil indicates your pursuit of victory will destroy everything in your life.

Present,  KING WANDS - The appearance of the King of Wands also suggests that an opportunity is presenting itself to you, and you now have the power to take on the challenge. You are the determining factor in this situation. 

The King of Wands is the Tarot’s card that appears when you are leading the procession up toward a new goal. 

The King of Wands in the present position indicates that any project you are working on is an inspired choice and will take you far. Wands is an action business card. The King making an executive decision.

Future, THE CHARIOT - The Chariot is the Tarot card most associated with victory and control. You have set your objectives and are now channelling your inner power with a fierce dedication to bring them to fruition. 

In a very literal sense, the Chariot can represent travel, especially driving or taking a road trip. This card blesses any reading when it lands in the future position. The King of Wands pairing up with The Chariot assures that a creative effort or a project will garner attention and acclaim.

SUMMARY -  The ex has broken the chains that he has allowed himself to be a slave too.  He has made a decision to travel and been the dominant force behind this decision, involving those around him in his project. He will be successful in his endeavours and will win the respect of others. 

Will the ex see his new grandson
THREE PENTACLES - Three is about growth, groups and abundance.  Mother,  father  child.  

PAGE PENTACLES - The page represents the boy child. He is facing the right. And who is on the right?  The Queen of Pentacles, facing the left.  Mother and son, facing each other. 

QUEEN PENTACLES - The Queen of Pentacles is the nurturing mother of the material world. At home, she shows her love for others by cooking nutritious meals, maintaining a clean and inviting home, and giving warm cuddles to those who need it most. Maternal, compassionate, nurturing, practical and down-to-earth.

SUMMARY - Yes the ex is coming to see mother and son.

Monday, September 30, 2019

My Ex

For three days I've had 'I Pretend' song by Kim Carnes in my head. It is the first thing that I hear when I get out of bed.  That was a bad time in my life, splitting with my ex.  The song reminds me of him. Something is happening with him.

The cards tell me that the solid happy home he was in with the new woman is now dead.  But the Star gives shining hope and when The Star is in the same reading as The Hermit card, the excitement is hard to share with anyone. He has a backup plan.

The downside to the The Star card is that it is quintessentially an impractical card.  A fantastic inspiration that has no basis in reality.

His backup plan is going to misfire. 

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Has my ex moved on again and found another woman?

Your ex is dreaming up the future and living in wishful thing.

Around him at the present time are disagreements, he has closed himself off, he is not happy in his current situation.

But things are about to change.

A quick decision and speedy happenings will leave your ex in suspension. He will not know what do to for the best. But he will follow his intuition and look for an established order where he can find comfort and that will be with another relationship.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Tarot has humour

Tarot never ceases to amaze with it's uncanny outcomes.

The question about an ex relationship showed that he was going to reconnect and reunite with someone from the past.  Does he want to come back to his ex?

And Tarot's sense of humour gave the immediate answer in such a way there was no doubts about it.

A man with ten swords in his back with the judgement card and the card of rest.

That relationship is dead.  Judgement pops up in a Tarot reading when the past has been reviewed and evaluated, experiences learned. Absolution has been found and any wrongdoings or regrets cleared, and any guilt or sadness about the past released.  That relationship is eternally rested.

Got to love Tarot