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Sunday, September 8, 2019

PPF Shell

This is a Romance question but so much information came forth the reading has gone through as a full reading. 

It is a sad fact of life, but the more visibility you have as a leader in your field and the bigger your audience, the more likely it is that you will need to grapple with this kind of pressure. Others see your success and will either challenge your point of view or want to take you down; in Australia, we call it the ‘tall poppy syndrome’. When the Seven of Wands appears in a Tarot reading, expect to see an increase in ‘haters’, trolls and people who disagree with you. You will need to secure your territory and fight for what you stand for. You may also want to engage a lawyer or a loyal support team who can defend you from any possible threat.

You are in a position of strength to deal with opposition. You are in a stronger position than originally thought

The Seven of Pentacles shows you understand the value of putting in time and energy now for longer-term rewards and have a strong desire to invest in sustainable results. You are not looking for quick wins. You also want to make sure you are putting your attention on the right areas instead of wasting time and effort on tasks that will not deliver any value.

When this card appears in a Tarot reading, see it as an invitation to step back from the day-to-day operations and look at the bigger picture. Celebrate what you have created and assess your progress so far. Are you on track? Are you focused on the right tasks for your goal?

Similarly, if you are planning for the future, the Seven of Pentacles encourages you to take a long-term view and assess where you can best invest your time and energy for the maximum output. You do not want to keep putting your heart and soul into something if you won’t reap the rewards for your work – and you have undoubtedly seen that some areas in your life are just energy-sappers.

Many sevens indicate a period of introspection or solitude.

If you have been working hard or putting the extra effort into something challenging and important for the last few months, the endeavour or project is near its culmination. Rest assured, your hard work will pay off. You are likely to see financial or other tangible rewards for all of your hard work.

The Hermit shows that you are taking a break from everyday life to draw your energy and attention inward and find the answers you seek, deep within your soul. You realise that your most profound sense of truth and knowledge is within yourself and not in the distractions of the outside world. You leave behind the mundane to set off on a journey of self-discovery, led only by your inner wisdom and guiding light. Now is the perfect time to go on a weekend retreat or sacred pilgrimage, anything in which you can contemplate your motivations, personal values and principles, and get closer to your authentic self.

The Hermit invites you to retreat into your private world and experience a deep sense of seclusion and introspection. You know that you need to take this journey alone or with a small, intimate group of spiritually minded people. When you allow yourself to tune in to your inner, guiding light, you will hear the answers you need and grow wise beyond your years. Find your light, shine it on your soul and create your unique path. You will see what lies ahead of you – not miles upon miles, but enough to know where to step next. From there, take one step at a time.

The Hermit often appears when you are at a pivotal point in your life and considering a new direction. Where to next? Through meditation, contemplation, and self-examination, you may begin to re-evaluate your personal goals and change your overall course. You will look at your life with a deeper, more spiritual understanding and a few of your priorities will change as a result.

Summary - sit tight don't rush anything, be guided by your instincts, your intuition is in full swing. Step back and trust it. Best wishes. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Romance for Shell

Future Romance Summary

How or Where will it Begin
You do not necessarily have a solid plan in place, nor do you really know where you are headed, but you are excited about the possibilities.

The courtship is surrounded by transformation and change, perhaps a life you no longer live such as the death of a previous romance, maybe even the death of your old self.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Romance for Shell

Past Present and Future

​Four Pentacles - The Four of Pentacles asks you to examine your relationship with money, in its most positive state, the Four of Pentacles suggests that you have created wealth and abundance. If the Four of Pentacles is in the past position in your reading, this indicates that you had issues with wanting too much control in the past. The foundation of your current situation rests on the past position, so understand that where you are now is a result of your greed, pettiness and an overall lack of vision. With love the relationship was solid and finances were plentiful. Six is the lovers number - I choose.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Romance for Shell

Current Romance for Shell

Your Feelings
The Moon represents your fears and illusions and often comes out when you are projecting fear into your present and your future, based on your past experiences. You may have a painful memory that caused emotional distress, and rather than dealing with the emotions you pushed them down deep into your subconscious. Now, these emotions are making a reappearance, and you may find yourself under their influence on a conscious or subconscious level. To remedy this, connect with your subconscious mind and release any fears or anxieties holding you back. Hypnosis, therapy and shamanic healing can support this process.