Friday, January 21, 2022

Past Life Karma

There was a child who clearly knew he was a Civil War confederate in a past life. He knew his name and town in Indiana where he died. The interesting part was he was an emergency C section delivery in this life, but the epidural didn’t work so the Mom felt it all. What is their past life connection?

We all have past lives and trauma tied to them. When I read for people and they are interested in learning about their own past lives, most times a dominant one will put forward and it will parallel this life in some way. It could reveal the root of a phobia, cause of a birthmark or even a personality or internal belief. The amazing thing is the amount of detail he was able to recall on his own.

I do get there was some karmatic connection to the mother and the son. It was no coincidence that he was born to her. I don't get she was a Union soldier, but rather a soldier (she was a male in that life) that was on his side that could not save him and left him to die. She carried a lot of guilt and needed (or wanted) to be punished for it energetically even though at the time that is what soldiers did on the field (save who you know you can, but leave the ones that are dead or near death). It was really her karma that needed reset in the form of a difficult birth and "earning" her baby's life. By enduring this challenging pregnancy and labor, she was able to resolve this debt and reset the karmatic scale. She was then able to nurture and raise this soul that in her past life she was forced to leave and allow to parish.


Tuesday, December 28, 2021


What is a portal?

Portals are a way for energy beings to connect with and cross into our world. I like to think of them like London Underground stations. There's no controlling who or what comes in or out. There are, however, several things you can do to close them down or make them less noticeable. 

First, you need to locate the portal. This will be an area that feels a little different, perhaps a random cold or hot spot, or a place where things disappear when you put them down and leave them there. Portals are often between floors so a staircase is a good place to start. Corners are quite likely too, but they can also be on a wall, especially one where you have hung a mirror. 

To check if a portal is present, hold a pendulum nearby and see if it spins. When you've found the portal, place a piece of Smoky Quartz crystal near it. This will transmit a 'closed' signal to the other-worldly travellers. You can also position a mirror pointed at the portal to reflect the energy back and work as a 'keep out' sign. 

Finally, ask the angels to send a message to the portal users. They're often unaware that they've been noticed, but once they are asked to move around quietly, portal activity often stops intruding into our lives.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Death Question


I asked about the coming year, what is coming up for me. 

In January there is a celebration. The Three Cups is also a representation for the holy Trinity, when next to a new beginning or a new idea, the Ace of Swords, and struggling with personal vices of The Devil, the Death card could either be a literal passing or simply a new beginning 

The end of the year brings many good things, happiness in the form of personal recognition and romance, all designed by fate. 

But is the death literal or not?. Is someone passing.? The reading on this link says a person will pass in April. Could it be the same person noted in this reading?

I asked Tarot who was this person.

The death is a man who sought and received personal recognition, a man who made his own rules and a man who bided his time and kept an eye on his finances.

So it is a man. And it is a literal passing.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Hows my ex going these days

 The first thing I see is he is making action happen. He is busy.

His happiness is dead and gone he has moved away from this part of his life. It is within his own power to lay something to rest that is no longer serving him. 

That is when he will find happiness. He wants to be free. And there is movement, it will happen quickly.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

When will i meet that special person?


Years and years of being told by psychics that there was a special person coming into my life has left me finally asking when will this happen.

Lenormand is the cards used to answer this question.

12 The Rider - 12 days, weeks or months; December

1 Birds -  1 day, week or month; January; soon

This person will come into your life this summer, within two months time.

Friday, November 5, 2021

Pets Mysteriously Vanish in Tasmania 2020

RSPCA Tasmania said the cats were simply walking away and not coming back and, in Dover, none of the bodies were even found.

Ms Davis said differing opinions about cats - whether they are friend or foe - can lead to disagreements in the community and cause individuals to "take matters into their own hands".

Tasmania Police are aware of the reports but said, "there is no evidence to suggest any connection between the reports - or any criminal behaviour involved". 
"What is happening to these cats has yet to be established, but police are aware of the situation," 
Jen Davis, CEO of RSPCA Tasmania said. RSPCA Tasmania is confident the missing cats are a criminal matter."Cat owners are advised to contact their local council, or animal welfare organisations, if they have concerns."

George Town local council was aware of missing cats being reported but said they were limited in how they could respond.

Sue Maddigan has had two of her beloved fur babies go missing in George Town over the last two years. Ms Maddigan said that the curse of the missing cats had hit the town last year, as well as this year, and the gender of the cats may play a role in their disappearance.

"Fourteen female cats have gone missing this year, but it was 14 male cats last year. It has to be more than an almighty coincidence," Ms Maddigan said.
While Tasmania police were not prepared to link the disappearances to crime, Ms Maddigan was confident a member of the community was the cat burglar.
"It seems to be, the last two years, people are just taking cats," Ms Maddigan said.
She lost Mack, her five-year-old Maine Coon, in 2019 and shortly after filling the hole he left behind with her new cat, Splodgie, that one was gone too. Mack was a huge, big ginger boy with beautiful gold eyes. I cried for days after losing Mack. And Splodgie was a dear little pet that was loved."

"It's like taking a child ... It's your fur baby," Ms Maddigan said.

Sunshine Coast QLD 2017

At least 30 cats have disappeared from one Sunshine Coast suburb as fears mount a cat hater could be stealing the beloved pets and killing them. The cats were registered, micro-chipped and desexed and have vanished without a trace from the Peregian Springs and Peregian Breeze estates.

Some of the cats had been fitted with GPS trackers which have been switched off, adding to the concern a human was responsible.

A Sunshine Coast Lost Pet Coordinator spokeswoman said police and the Sunshine Coast Council had been informed. But with little help available, the distraught pet owners have formed their own Facebook page, missing cats Peregian Springs and Peregian Breeze, to share information.

Residents have also distributed 3,000 flyers to homes, alerting other cat owners of the potential risk.

Donna Powell's much-loved "family member" Leo went missing "46 days ago" when he was allowed outside for a brief period in the afternoon. Ms Powell's distraught seven-year-old son, Ceri, who has Asperger's has been waking up crying for his beloved friend. "We are all distraught," Ms Powell said.

The lost pet coordinator said there had been "no sightings of the cats, no bodies and none of the pounds had any information. Wild animals had been ruled out as a cause because of the lack of trace of any remains and the cats disappeared from inside busy, residential neighbourhoods.

We lived in the springs for five years and lost two fur babies and our current little cat went missing for three days but returned home. I am still dubious that he wandered but may have been captured as ever since returning he has a phobia of black shoes. He is savvy so maybe one of the lucky ones. I do believe something sinister is going on as there are no remains or surrenders to pounds or councils...makes me sick to think what may be happening to these babies and what comes next if anyone has such a hate inside them that they could possibly do this to a living thing. We have moved since to our own three acres so he is now the king of his domain still very cautious of everything... especially black shoes of any kind.

This article first appeared on Enigmatic Earth


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Passing

I received notice that a friends cancer has signs of its return. I asked Tarot for more information.

Temperance is the need to maintain an equal balance do not overdo things. With this being a cancer question the Death card literally means a passing. Three Cups represents mind, body and spirit or the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 

These cards say yes.

When will he die?

The 5 represents May. The 24 represents the 24th of the month, this card also represents the same season as May. 

This person will pass in May 2022.

Nothing is concrete, time is fluid, the future can never be known. The cards are only indicative at this present moment. Anything can change.