Friday, April 12, 2024

Hell and Love

I died twice, the first time I went through the tunnel of light and stood in front of God's throne. The second time, I went through the tunnel of darkness and stood in front of Satan's throne.

I was blind and could not see him, but I knew where I was, and I knew who he was. I remember saying, "But I love you," and holding my arms out, and with that, I was cast out of hell.

I am a witness. If I say I saw a yellow car, it means I saw a yellow car. A lawyer can pound his fist on the table screaming the car was red as many times as he likes, but that does not change my testimony. If I say I saw a yellow car, I saw a yellow car.

What did I see?? Love is the most powerful force in this universe, everything God created he created with love, God is love, it is not possible to kill love, Jesus proved that on the cross, you cannot kill love.

I don't care how much that guy hates you. If you love him, he can never ever defeat you. Fear only exists in the absence of love, people that love everything fear nothing.

How do you know someone loves you? They feed you. You were born instinctively knowing your mother loved you because she fed you, she took care of you, she protected you. We are born into this world instinctively knowing how to love each other. We have to be taught how to hate each other.

Love is not an emotion. Love is not something you can give or get. Love is a verb. Love is something you do, Jesus left us with just one commandment: love each other. If everybody followed that one commandment, we would all be living here together in the spirit of peace and love, right here on Earth just as it's done in heaven.

There you go, now you know "the truth". Satan says I'm infected with a virus he calls "the truth." That virus has a name: love.

I intend to infect every living creature on this planet with it, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me.

Joe Crigger, shared with permission, 2004

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Ghost cat

I was about 12 when the cat started to hang around the property.

Buffy was an abandoned "Blue" that adopted my family. But the only reason mom let the cat into the house was because the cat curled up in my baby brother's lap and let the 2 year old maul her. Mom said the cat did nothing but purr.

Eventually, Buffy and I got into this routine where every morning, just before dawn, she would claw at the screen on my window until I got up, opened the curtain and told her to "meet me at the door."

She would then leap off and wait for me. Once inside, I would make sure there was food in her dish, then the two of us would sit in the living room and watch the sun rise before going to bed.

If it was a school day, Buffy joined my sisters and I for the walk to the bus stop to sit and watch us kids play until we could see the bus, then she would cross the road to go for her morning mouse hunt.

I'm not going to go into details the tragedy surrounding her death.

Just that it was something I feel could have been avoided and I was the one that found her body.

I cried for 2 days and about to start the third morning the same way. I was laying in bed. The sun hadn't risen and I was about to roll over and resume my cry. But then I heard it. That familiar sound of a harp in dire need of a tune up as something plucked at my screen window. Without thinking, I opened up the curtain and saw the grey silhouette against the dimly lit sky. "Morning Buffy" I said "Meet me at the door." As if it understood, she leaped off the ledge and was waiting for me. I let Buffy in, felt her brush against my leg, and checked her food bowl before the two of us made our way to the living room. I could hear her purring, feel the warmth and softness of her fur. She was ok. As the light of the sun broke the horizon Buffy's fur took on a golden hue and her form began to fade into the sunlight. I wasn't sad about her leaving, this time. I went back to bed and slept.

Later on, I could hear my family in the kitchen and got up to join everyone for breakfast.

I told them about the experience, but it got chalked up to a "Nice Dream". But Mom did point out that the cat bowls had food in them.

- Darlene Plewes, shared with permission, Facebook, 2024

Image by Wild Pixar from Pixabay

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Edgar Cayce Mystery Amelia Earhart

More than 70 years ago, Amelia Earhart captured the imagination of much of the world by becoming an aviation pioneer and excelling in a field that had once been limited to only men. Because of her charisma and her courage in breaking down barriers, she became an inspiration to countless individuals. Her story continues to inspire and capture the imagination.

Earhart disappeared just before her 40th birthday along with her navigator, Fred Noonan, during a failed attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Still, her historic accomplishments are many. She gained international fame with a number of firsts: she was the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross; she was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean; she founded an organization for female pilots; she wrote best-selling books about her flying adventures; and, she was a faculty member of Purdue University’s Aviation Department.

Less well known—Edgar Cayce was asked to help locate her three days after her disappearance.

July 5, 1937, a member of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment [1293] and an acquaintance of Earhart’s husband, George Putnam, requested a reading to help locate Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. The request given to the sleeping Cayce was as follows:

“You will have before you the request from [1293], for information regarding locating Amelia Earhart who according to radio reports on July 2, 1937, was approximately 100 miles from Howland Island in the South Pacific Ocean, in her plane. You will locate the plane as of this time and then trace it to its present position, giving specific directions for locating this plane now. You will answer the questions regarding this.”

As soon as the sleeping Cayce began the reading he noted that conditions for Earhart and Noonan were “rather serious” but that both were still alive. Cayce suggested that the two could be found if a ship followed the reef that extended from Howland Island in a northwesterly direction for approximately 100 miles.

Asked, “What is the present condition of Amelia Earhart and her companion [George Noonan]?” Cayce replied: “Amelia Earhart … [is] much better than the companion; for the companion has been panicky…”

When asked about the condition of the plane, Cayce replied that it was no longer flyable: “It is broken up somewhat, but this as we find is more from the attempt in the landing when gas was gone than from anything else; though to be sure, the winds and the inability to stabilize same has made all very out of order; not able to proceed even with gas.”

In terms of their supplies, Cayce stated that there was “mighty little” of either food or water. When asked about their chances for recovery, Cayce replied that the conditions were growing worse all the time but that, because of rescue attempts already set in motion, the best possibility for recovery would be by the next morning, provided rescue attempts continued along the same path “in the right direction.”

For weeks, a fleet of planes scoured the area looking for any signs of the aircraft, without success. Thirteen days later, the search was called off. It was feared that Noonan and Earhart had perished and lay somewhere beneath the Pacific.

However, George Putnam, had not given up hope. On July 31, 1937, A.R.E. member [1293] sent a wire to Edgar Cayce stating that Putnam was still very interested in Cayce continuing the search:

“Mr. Putnam very sorry cannot come to Virginia Beach but would appreciate very much your doing whatever possible without him. He has confidence in your work and any report will have much bearing on his future plans. Please phone, wire or write information to [1293] at my home."

A follow-up reading was given the next day, August 1, 1937. The suggestion given to the sleeping Cayce was:

“You will have before you the desire of George Putnam for further information regarding his wife, Amelia Earhart, as requested through Mrs. [1293] of N.Y., and the information given through this channel on July 5, 1937. You will give any further information which will be helpful at this time, and answer the questions that may be asked.”

Cayce immediately responded with the fact that it was too late. He stated that Earhart had lasted until July 21, 1937, before succumbing to the elements. Apparently Noonan had died earlier, as the sleeping Cayce noted that Earhart perished alone. In an attempt to pin-point the location of the body with a little more accuracy and offer what help he could to Putnam, Cayce added that her body was located “between eighty-nine and ninety miles northwest from her intended destination” … [of] Howland Island. Upon receiving the information, Mrs. [1293] replied:

“Sad as the news is, I feel your last communication is all too true and that Amelia is gone. I held out hopes for quite a while but the time-element was so long to have survived three weeks seems almost incredible. And to think that the fleet of planes gave up the search on the 18th and she evidently lived until the 21st. I shall somehow get the news to George Putnam when I can although the man is so terribly stricken, yet trying very hard to carry on. He has almost nightly sessions with Hereward Carrington and some other psychics from the Psychic Research Society and I believe that the strain is bad for him. Hard as it may be for him and for us all to face the inevitable fact, perhaps a definite knowledge will be better news than none at all. The whole affair has been a great setback to me because I felt very sure Amelia would make a safe flight and told her so, and even advised her when to start on it, so to have the thing end in disaster gives astrology (and [1293]) an awful blow. I shall never again make a prediction with the same carefree attitude that I had before this happened. Perhaps that is my lesson.”

Whether or not Edgar Cayce had accurately tuned into Amelia Earhart, her location, and her situation may never be known. What is known is that this woman has captured the imagination of the world for many decades, and will continue to capture our imagination for many, many more.


Saturday, December 23, 2023

Shadow Entities

A shadow person is a paranormal entity in the shape of a human. It has hands and feet, but no fingers and toes. 

A hat wearing shadow person is the leader of a hierarchy of a group of shadow people. However, I’m not sure why the shadow round chose the fedora hat of the 1920s era as a symbol of their hierarchy. Other shadow figures wear bowties. We assume the bowtie wearing shadow figure is male. However, the fedora hat was originally worn by women and later, and now mostly by men. The shape of the fedora hat may also indicate the gender or the point of origin. Many women wore a different shape fedora hat, so that they could hang jewelry from the hat. 

You can ask your shadow person to simply leave. Not all shadow people are violent. Tell your shadow person to go to a funeral home and wait for a dead person to arrive at the funeral home. When a human being dies the “light“ portal we are to cross over into last for about three days. Your shadow person can cross into the light with the other deceased person at the funeral home. You don’t need to know the person who is deceased at the funeral home. You may also want to go to the funeral home yourself and see if your shadow person will cross into the light then. You can also tell the shadow person to go to the cemetery. You’re trying to get your shadow person to find a light portal somewhere. 

You can try saging. When you sage, don’t let anything get behind you in the stairway. When you stage start at the basement and work your way up to the highest floor of the house. Open a window at the highest floor of the house. The room with the open window is the last room to be staged. In essence, you are pushing the entity out of the house with your sage and forcing it out the only open window. All other windows or doors would be closed. Sage from the outside walls to the inside walls. Sage the last room with the open window, close the open window and place salt around the open window and around each door and window. You may have to burn the sage more than once. Keep your pets out of the house for a few hours after you, sage because Sage can make humans and pets sick and nauseous. 

There are many other techniques to remove it. You will have to check the Internet and keep trying until you find something that works. Paranormal entities may exhibit signs, and behavioral patterns of the profession or hobby they had while they were living. Your shadow person may be a deceased relative or friend. For example, if water appears when a shadow person appears, then the shadow person may have been a firefighter or someone in the Navy, or a person who was a water, skier or surfer.

You may also be seeing small tiny balls of light. These are orbs which a typically accompany shadow people, but orbs are usually harmless. If you have any or antiques, those should be removed from your home. Having dolls or antiques, doesn’t cause paranormal activity, but most haunted locations have dolls or antiques, and we assume that Paranormal entities attach to dolls and antiques. 

If you have any object in your home or paint colors that are teal, turquoise, blue, green, light, pink, or light blue.l those colors and object should be repainted or removed also. Having these colors doesn’t cause paranormal activity, but the Paranormal prefer these colors over any other. Removing a Paranormal entity is not the same as a plumber. The plumber comes and fixes your plumbing problem and then you pay the plumber and then the plumber leaves and you’re all set. Removing a Paranormal entity may days weeks months or years. It depends on the resources of the homeowner and of the entities purpose for being here. 

You may want to start video recording your home and video recording your bedroom night to see if something shows up. Your shadow person may also press down on your chest while you are sleeping. This is called paranormal sleep paralysis. All humans experience medical sleep paralysis when they dream so that the human body doesn’t move while we dream and we don’t act out our dreams while we are sleeping. 

I hope this helps to understand Paranormal Entities.

 - Kirk McManus, Facebook 2023, Shared with permission

Monday, December 11, 2023


The reason why we are going through the pole shift is because the Earth rotation is backwards and it keeps us in a lower density of 3D. It is kind of like we are heavy and more carbon based.

When the rotation is slowing down, stopped and then is recalibrated to go in the other direction, we will be lighter and crystalline based in our bodies in 5D. This new direction is the natural organic original direction of our Earth rotation. 

The Ascended Masters are assisting us in this process and they are carefully readjusting our Earth and making sure that every person is adjusting okay. 

It is better if we try to sleep at the time the Earth is stopped because it will seem like we are frozen in time for a bit but we will be awake and aware but unable to move. It is like sleep paralysis. It is safe and will take only about 3 days total. 

Source - Facebook

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Good and Evil - Black and White

We are creatures of free will. We were created with the ability to chose God or chose evil. We were also incarnated upon the earth to learn, grow and expand through experience. One of the experiences is to learn the power of faith and the power of living His word as guided by our inner compass. If you never try to walk, you cannot fun. If you never make effort, then you will not grow. Faith works the same way. God puts tests out there to help assist in your growth. Some will fail and repeat the cycle, and others will wake up and allow themselves to experience happiness and power of faith. Overcoming challenges and tough times are the core of achieving something great. Being faced with obstacles and still choosing faith is what makes it rewarding.

Evil also provides a contrast when learning lessons. If we never experienced clouds then we may not fully appreciate a sunny day. If we never saw night then we would be desensitized to bright days. Evil shows a contrast to God to allow us to compare. If we never had choices or never saw the darker side, then we would be spoon-fed all the "goodness" and not fully appreciate, understand or earn it. That is why things in the Universe work on balance and the yin-yang theory. There is dark in the light, and light in the dark. We as God's children or here to discern the difference and make our own choice of what path to follow.

Lynn, Psychic Focus

Tuesday, October 31, 2023