Monday, June 19, 2023

Tuth and a Near Death Experience

I have a lot of relatives who were indoctrinated to believe the Bible is literal, they tried to force it on me as a boy. That wasn't happening. I was a feral child. My education started and stopped around kindergarten, the last time I payed attention to anything an adult had to say to me until some point in my early thirties. My brain was not trained by a world full of agendas. It was free to develop based on nothing more than a glance at the natural world, and the front of peoples fist. When I wasn't being punched for asking questions, I was being beaten up by the offspring of other idiotic people that didn't accept me for being different. For not following trends or anyone or anything. For being a free spirit and free thinker. 

From a young age, I had this inexplicable psychic ability. Everything from the birth of a sibling to a local suicide vision involving a train, to a car accident, to a lost girl. When I spoke, people began to listen because it was as if I was peering into the future somehow. I foresaw my own NDE as I sat on the hearth by the fire one day and heard "get your affairs in order. It won't be long." My intuition has always been louder than the outside world. 

During my NDE, I specifically asked "Where is Jesus?" Because I'm expecting to see something miraculous appear based on what relatives claimed was going to save or judge me. But nothing did. It was just me, in a void. No judgement. No Jesus. It was just a state of pure consciousness without physical senses. 

Yet somdething responded just like intuition does, "Hidden in plain sight. Jesus is the SUN not the SON. It was never meant to be taken literally. Look where you have always looked for answers and you will see the truth." 

My go to has always been to look at the sky. Thousands of sunrise and sunset photos. The stars, and the moon. Nothing else ever captivated me so. 

Then I heard without sound "I am the light of the world. The eternal flame. The burning bush. Everything I touch turns to gold. That which you can not look directly at. The thing which nothing on earth would exist without. The wheel in the sky. The crown of thorns are my rays. I give without expectation of receiving, I am the truth. The way. The pondering of my nature eludes to all that is good." 

I said "wait, you are telling me..." 

As I am interrupted in my question, "Yup. Read the Bible, I know you have heard the quotes. Humans have the entire story wrong. Mistaking the word for factual history when it's meant to be an esoteric mystery. The clues are everywhere, you left yourself a trail of breadcrumbs to follow when you were ready." 

Then I said "WAIT, who did? And who are you? Let me go back, I need to tell the world this is incredible!" 

To which I was told, "Do not use what you know to do harm to others. It matters not how they come to the conclusion, all that matters is that they come to the conclusion. Allow them to do that in their own due time. They will all come to know the truth as everyone will find themselves in this position." 

"I need more, what is the cross?" 

"The Crux constellation where the sun hangs in the southern sky before rising again December 25th." 

"And the virgin birth? 

"The same story only the names have changed through time. Virgo, your body wont be viable much longer, you have all you need, now go time is running out for the body" (it didn't say your body, it said the body.) 

I then "saw" without sight, the images of countless structures, shapes, numbers, paintings, hieroglyphs, and events that have not occurred yet on earth such as the death of living relatives and my role in why I had to be there. I saw myself as very wealthy despite never having an interest in money and being rather poor in life. I saw a lot of people trying to hand me something, as if they all knew me. 

Being thrust into my body came violently and suddenly after that as I shot up sick to death gasping for air and my heart started beating again. My first humanly thought was "holy sh!!" as I tried not throw up from the nausea of the heart restarting. 

Moral of the story is, You and I may believe it's a metaphorical book of esoteric knowledge that anthropomorphisizes the story of the sun's journey through the cosmos. The rest of the world doesn't have to believe the same. Their truth will be revealed to them when and how it will make sense to them. For many, that will be in death. And that's perfectly fine. 

- Copyright, Brett Moon, Facebook 2023