Thursday, April 7, 2022

Will I love my new boots?

Buying an expensive pair of boots online can be risky. Especially knowing that they might not be comfortable and lead to their return at the buyers expense.

Having foot issues is a lifelong search for comfort. To discover that a favourite boot line has been deleted can be a shock to the system. 

However, a knowledgeable sales girl pointed me in the direction of a similar pair of boots with the same dimensions. And then said that this boot was also due for deletion, but for the moment was still available to online customers.

There were only two pair available. So I went home and bought that boot. I thought myself lucky. It's not every day one gets to purchase a $270 boot. This was a first ever. I began to fret at what I had so impulsively done. What if I didn't like them?

I asked Tarot if I would love my new boots. 


You followed the proper guidelines to find this boot.


It is as if fate and destiny bought you together. 


Feminine beauty, comfort and opulence. Womanly perfection.

Three major cards. Yes you will love your new boots.

Thursday, March 31, 2022


A Psychic Answers  a Morgeon question and its connection to 'the shot'.

What is being pulled from people that pass after having the "shot"? People doing autopsies have reported strings of white material in the arms and legs. 

What is being pulled from the deceased are parasites. I don't see the parasites being a result of the shot but rather the result of the tests given. 

 I see the Q-tip scrubber being the tool used to administer these elements at the brain barrier. All of these people that passed that have evidence of these parasites appear to have contracted them via the test that came up "affirmative" rather than the shot itself. 

Watch for things like Morgellons to be on the rise!

What is Morgellons Disease?

Morgellons disease is an uncommon, poorly understood condition characterized by small fibers or other particles emerging from skin sores. People with this condition often report feeling as if something were crawling on or stinging their skin.

Some doctors recognize the condition as a delusional infestation and treat it with cognitive behavioral therapy, antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs and counseling. Others think the symptoms are related to an infectious process in skin cells. Further study is needed. 

Morgellons disease is a rare skin condition involving the appearance of black, white, red, or blue fibers underneath or protruding from the skin. People living with Morgellons disease may also develop slow-healing ulcers on their skin. 

Other symptoms of Morgellons disease may include :-
  • chronic or severe fatigue
  • difficulty concentrating
  • memory problems
  • muscle and joint pain
  • formication, the sensation of an insect crawling on, stinging, or biting the skin
  • joint pain
  • neuropathy


Friday, March 18, 2022

What really happened to Paddy Moriarty

Strange disappearances in the Australian outback happen all the time. 

We ask a psychic what really happened to Paddy Moriarty who disappeared with his dog. 

A very interesting case! When I focus on Padddy, I see a man and he is confused and wandering. He has a blank look on his face, and appears to be lost. As I look at him a little closer I get that this man suffered a stroke and was acting odd because he didn't really know what he was doing.

When I place myself in his home (or where he was) I see him preparing his food. He feels to have a routine and was going about his day like any other day. His dog was by his side, as he normally was. In a brief moment he feels different, and the look on his face changed to where he is expressionless. He wondered where he was, took off his glasses and just did odd things around the house. (Did they find things out of order? Maybe things weren't missing, but just out of order or put in odd places?).

He then managed to get outside. I sense he didn't recognize his own house and felt like he needed to leave. He wandered into a wooded area and got lost. His dog being loyal stayed with him. I get he wandered deep into this wooded area that is very remote, and became so disoriented and couldn't find his way out. His dog stayed by his side the whole time. I get Paddy perished due to lack of food/water and the elements. This is now a recovery mission.

Have the searched wooded areas? Look for a lot of downed trees and tree stumps. I sense this was a area hit by storms. It would be walkable within three (ish) hours from the town.

Please send some light that direction


Friday, March 4, 2022

Fred Valentich

A psychic tells what happened to Fred Valentich.

The Mystery

In 1978, low-time Aussie pilot Frederick Valentich, flying a rental Cessna 182, vanished after reporting an unidentified flying object circling above him. Could Valentich have fallen victim to a genuine alien abduction?

It was Oct. 21, 1978, and the sun was setting into the Australian horizon. At 6:19 p.m., a young pilot named Frederick Valentich took off in a rented Cessna 182L from Moorabbin Airport in Victoria. He was en route to King Island, a 130-nautical-mile journey over a body of water known as the Bass Strait.

At 7:06 p.m., he called into Air Flight Service, citing an unidentified flying object maneuvering around him. “Seems to be a large aircraft, below five thousand…just passed over me at least a thousand feet above.” Valentich was at 4,500 feet. “It’s approaching right now from due east towards me…It seems to me that he’s playing some sort of game.”

His transmission became odder from there. First, he claimed the other aircraft was completely stationary. Next, he claimed it was orbiting above him. He then reported a rough-sounding engine with a loud metallic noise. It is not an aircraft it is . . . ," an air-traffic control transcript records Valentich as saying at 7.09 and 28 seconds and the transmission was lost, ending at 7:12 p.m. Neither Valentich nor his aircraft were ever found. His father spent the rest of his life searching and died not knowing what became of his son.

What I see is a huge canyon in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The canyon serves as a portal in and out of the inner earth. (I realize this can be a unusual concept / theory so I have included a link to another reading I did that helps to explain this somewhat

I see what looks like a UFO come out of that canyon at the same time Fred Valentich was in the air. The UFO was drawn to Fred in almost a magnetic fashion, and came upon Fred. I see them abduct him. I also get that Fred knew what was happening, and in a brief moment had such clarity and foresight that it was an alien craft. His rational mind dismissed it almost as quick as he thought it, but for a few seconds he understood the reality of what was happening. It looks as though he was taken to the inner part of the earth.


Saturday, February 19, 2022

Madeleine McCann

What really happened to Madeleine McCann, the 3 year old girl went missing from her hotel room while on holiday with her parents in Portugal and will she be found alive. 


When I focus on this I get the immediate image of a movie called Murder of Adam Walsh. The movie depicted a child that was taken and later murdered and left in a field. I feel that a similar thing has happened to this little girl. I also get that they have a strong suspect, but there is a technicality or reason that person is let go, mainly because they can't find a body.

Then I get an image of this rolling countryside that isn't too far from where she was taken. It looks like a patchwork of farmland and random grassy fence lines between property. There are also some larger trees and running creeks in these grassy spots. I feel like she is there or wants to draw people to this area.. ? (I would need to do a separate reading to get really involved in this...


Hilary says that this reading is very dark and sickening. and she found it difficult to understand.  

She connected with Madeleine in spirit who tells her she was drugged and taken away to a motel. There were other young children with her in the van when she was kidnapped. This was not a sex trafficking ring but more of science/ritual. The child says that her body was 'taken apart' and given away as experiments. This happened on a table amongst trees not far from a beach with other men,  not the one that took her. The police had the right man.


Thursday, February 3, 2022

Australia Federal Elections 2022


A sudden and seemingly inexplicable exodus from Parliament will erupt among Coalition members, with resignations all citing a sudden need to spend more time with family. Opinions of respective family members on this prospect will remain uncertain.

Corruption allegations will surface against one or all of the following: Anthony Albanese, Sally McManus, Penny Wong and/or Jim Chalmers. Possibly also Tanya PliberseK.

After a long and protracted vote-counting process, during which several frauds are discovered and votes recounted, the Morrison Government will be voted out. Many citizens will hit the streets to rejoice, but footage of celebrations will not appear on any of the commercial news broadcasts or the newly privatised national broadcaster, which has been rebranded as ABConservative.

The new Labor Government, assisted by Federal ICAC Now (FIN) Senator Ross Jones, will establish a national anti-corruption commission. All but seven remaining members of the Liberal Opposition will be called before this newly formed body on corruption charges.

There will be a Liberal Party leadership spill during which Scott Morrison will be toppled with one hundred and two per cent of the vote going against him


I see a woman with light coloured hair in politics leaving her current role in disgust. I feel this is Kerry Chant. Worn out after a horrible year and also she does not agree with Dominic Perrotte. Not to worry he won't last long anyway. He may last up until the next elections; but after that he will be gone.

I feel the Queensland Premier; Anastasia Palasczuck will leave her role and move on to greener pastures. No doubt worn out by this horrible Covid business too. So expect a cabinet reshuffle


The Morrison Government is booted out as Labor sweeps the polls. Anthony Albanese conducts a brilliant campaign, guesting at numerous festivals as DJ Albo and winning almost all young voters. Barnaby Joyce remains stranded abroad after contracting a rare form of the bubonic plague on a trade mission to Azerbaijan (flogging coal of course) and is forced into three months of quarantine. Michaelia Cash loses all credibility with petrol heads nationwide after she is spotted driving an electric ute. Clive Palmer is ejected from a Twisted Sister concert in Brisbane after he and Craig Kelly become over boisterous in the mosh pit. Ever in search of imperial honours Tony Abott takes up a position and regal title at the Hutt River Province


Friday, January 28, 2022

Psychic Predictions


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Friday, January 21, 2022

Past Life Karma

There was a child who clearly knew he was a Civil War confederate in a past life. He knew his name and town in Indiana where he died. The interesting part was he was an emergency C section delivery in this life, but the epidural didn’t work so the Mom felt it all. What is their past life connection?

We all have past lives and trauma tied to them. When I read for people and they are interested in learning about their own past lives, most times a dominant one will put forward and it will parallel this life in some way. It could reveal the root of a phobia, cause of a birthmark or even a personality or internal belief. The amazing thing is the amount of detail he was able to recall on his own.

I do get there was some karmatic connection to the mother and the son. It was no coincidence that he was born to her. I don't get she was a Union soldier, but rather a soldier (she was a male in that life) that was on his side that could not save him and left him to die. She carried a lot of guilt and needed (or wanted) to be punished for it energetically even though at the time that is what soldiers did on the field (save who you know you can, but leave the ones that are dead or near death). It was really her karma that needed reset in the form of a difficult birth and "earning" her baby's life. By enduring this challenging pregnancy and labor, she was able to resolve this debt and reset the karmatic scale. She was then able to nurture and raise this soul that in her past life she was forced to leave and allow to parish.