Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Armageddon is here

On the morning of the incident I was in deep seated grief. I have been abused all my life and estranged from family. I felt isolated and frustrated with this cold world. When I was younger I understood that my parents adopted me but they are my biological parents. I got visions from the angels but was told it was my imagination. I became more lost as I got older.

Then, before I left the house, I had no choice but to take a backpack of which a strong force (I believe it was the angels) told me to take. They told me to put a laptop in the bag and to wrap it with a hoody. It made no sense as it was a bright sunny hot day outside and I was on my way to the library and they had computers there.

When I was in grief and crying I was calling out to god to take me back home as I didn't want to commit suicide and hated how cold this world is.

I was not religious but had some concept of home.

I packed the bag and thought I needed to research into my purpose. Hence going to the library.

Before I left the house I turned on the radio and a song called hope for the underrated youth came on.

Lyrics were "if I die would you come and bury me alive" and that's how I felt because I had no one caring about me.

So I listened to that on my headphones as I left the house.

Then a 7 ft shop sign fell on me during that chorus of the song.

The sign said infiniti²

I had the nde of where I saw my physical body below me. With a silver energetic chord connecting my spirit to my physicality. My spirit was iridescenct awareness. Prior to this I had also been meditating for years due to ill health.

A light orb which was huge shine towards me and magnetically drew me to it. I was full of anticipation and excitement no fear just some slight confusion.

Then I went through a portal beyond time and space and everything here went beyond me extremely extremely fast.

As I got closer to the light it was emmsnting from a being that was huge and was wearing a high collared cloak. They telepathically communicated with me welcoming me back home with huge amounts of love and compassion.

They sent me coloured lights of which are not recognisble in this world. I believe that helped my body to heal quicker.

Then there was a wall like white marble and I couldn't see past it. They sent me through and as soon as I did there was strong bright light all around 360 and I became one with everything. My sense of self died in the light of Jesus Christ who came to greet me and as I did, my spirit was tiny and I was crying endless tears of spirit joy and overwhelm.

He was a golden white presence full of the highest of highs and his light shone through every bit of my spirit and DNA so to speak.

Meanwhile high frequency choir music was above and all around and millions of spirits there were having a party. There was only joy and love.

It then opened to a court of old marble statues and pillars. No ceiling or flooring as such. High council of beings like the one before gathered as did many spirits there to watch my life review. And I watched my entire life like a YouTube channel in front of my eyes but not from a screen from my collected memories and stored information...like a spirit upload.

They showed me my future. And future of the earth. That I had to come back and tell humans this story. And to help them towards love and humanity and unity. They are deeply concerned for the earth.

They told me I would die in sacrifice of fighting for love and spreading this message of eternal life. They sent me back to complete the mission and had told me I had "forgotten".

It'd taken me up until now to physically heal and reintegrate back to earth. I have post concussion syndrome but no brain damage or paralysis it IS a miracle.

My crown chakra so to speak is completely open. So I have also had strong messages from my grandmother who passed away ten years a go and the angels of the high council who deliver them frequently.

They told me Armageddon is here and got those messages just before lockdowns began. The incident happened in sept 2019. Lockdowns began march 2020.

The Messiah is coming back and all MUST repent. Eternal life is more real than this illusion here. It was as though I had truly woken up.

Now four years on, I'm just about making my own foods again. I have had no family support even though they are all alive....

I also experienced medical negilgence and so was in bed for a very very long time.

But none of that matters now.

Jesus and angels told me to get rid of everything to wear white linen and to go to israel. I haven't gone yet because I have a cat and have to find someone to look after her. And so yes...now war is here. Jesus also told me to read revelations. I've never read it before in my life I swear!

Low and behold there will be people dressed in white preaching of eternal life.

It IS done honestly. But we all must repent.

I was NOT religious at all before this incident in fact maybe I was more Buddhist than anything. I've had an extremely difficult life and blamed god a lot. None of it was his doing but Satan's work.

Now there is no choice. None whatsoever.

Everything is written. Only choice we have is to remain with god or remain with satan...

Many have chosen satan. But we must all choose love. That is the war we are in still.

It's not hard and must be done to save ourselves and humanity.

I'm still processing the huge responsibility that have been given to me but yes now I can get out there I must say what happened and what I was witness to.

I am hugely hugely grateful. I cannot believe I am alive at all.

I have started telling people but most think I'm crazy. I live alone and don't know anyone either so I don't want to be locked away or institutionalised.

Jesus is real. One hundred million percent. Most films are based on scriptures and scriptures are coming true before our eyes.

Sadly I saw many people die. Masses. And the world on fire.

Huge destruction. But people must find love now.

Please do your best to find love and to not fear because eternally it is done and everyone will be saved if you follow his light and way.

Many eternal blessings, may you find the peace somehow amongst the turmoil and shed tears for our earth and those lost. For they will go up to them in spirit.

Facebook, shared with permission

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Attachments and Death

A spirit attachment is an intelligent disembodied human spirit that has attached itself to a living persons energy field, aka aura or to a building or property.

Attachment spirits refuse to surrender and want to continue certain behaviors they practiced in life. They will search for a vulnerable human candidate so they can attach and live vicariously through that person.

Spirit attachments are sneaky and hardly ever detected.

Attached spirits are usually never seen nor physically felt or heard. This is why its hard for people to believe they have an attachment until things get really unbearable. Attachments can happen in early childhood or anytime of life.

When someone dies and they have negative entity attachments, can these entities stop the soul from ascending to the light?
You might progress towards the light, but in your next life, if you haven't learned your lesson and they attached to you when you were angry or wished harm upon someone, and you're experiencing a similar situation in your next life, they will still be there.
Some of these entities are weary and seek liberation. If we send them love and compassion, they won't have sustenance (negative thoughts and feelings) and will eventually depart.

 It says in Sal Rachel's books that sometimes you have a contract with them, or they can pass from your family. For example, if your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa were cursed or involved in black magic, these entities can be carried for 1000 years. You can even be born with them.