Tuesday, August 22, 2023

A near death experience

I want to address an Issue that I keep seeing over and over. It relates to the "no preaching" rule that eveyone agreed to when they joined this group. I would like to help clarify what preaching vrs non preaching looks likes in verbiage.

First I'll give some background about my NDE experience and why this hits close to home for me.

During my NDE 5 years ago I met what I perceived as God and Jesus. I say perceived because I was raised as a Christian, have believed in them my whole life, still believe in them and have felt connection to them both. I can see why it was experienced this way for me.

I was shown what I would miss if I chose to stay. I was shown the division that exists between humankind because of beliefs. I was given a message that they would like to see a unification between the believers and non believers of Christ. Not a conversion to religious beliefs but a unity in love with everyone still holding to what is true to them. There is a desperate need for finding commonality with each other to establish peace.

A couple of years later I had a visitation from Archangel Michael where he chastised me, told me not to judge anything and then proceeded to burn my soul with a blue flame all night and into the morning. I was so weak from the experience I could barely stand up the next morning. I believe I was told this in preparation to be taught from Godly type sources directly.

One of the ways I have been shown that division is happening is through imposing beliefs onto others through preaching verbiage.

I personally grew up in a faith that taught that my salvation and others was dependent on converting them to that faith. And that I didn't really love my fellow man if I didn't do it. So trust me, I have experienced the fear & guilt that comes from all that.

However, from my NDE experience I was taught that these are man made ideas and interpretations that really miss the bigger idea which is, meet and love others where they are. If I want to truly love my fellow man in a Godly/Christlike way then I need to find commonality and unite with them with no intent of conversion.

Just as I have had experiences to strengthen that there is a Godly/Christlike source, there have been many others that have had NDE's that have told them something completely different. I truly respect that. Your experience is just as valid and correct as mine.

Why do I believe this? Because my experiences surrounding others that don't share my same perceptions of the Source being in a God/Christ form are showing me that they are being led to many of the same overall concepts that all point towards a loving intent that results in the upward progression of themselves and humankind. There are many paths that all lead back home.

So what does preaching vrs non preaching look like?

If I'm telling you about my experience and I say "I was told...." or "God told me..." see the words I and me? I'm talking about my experience. I'm not telling anyone else what they should be doing at this point. Other singular pronouns that can be used are my, myself & mine, However, in preaching I see phrases that include the words "you, us, we, all, everyone, them, they."

Examples of these are:

1) "All you have to do is accept God/Jesus." instead of saying something like "I believe this experience happened to me because I believe in a power that comes from Jesus." (FYI: In non religious terms this refers to stating what you want to see happen and it being manifested.)

2) "You just need to pray", instead of saying "I pray and am given answers." Meditate, ponder, evaluate, & introspection are also useful words without religious connotations.

Sending love and light to you all

~Michelle Bennett, Near Death Experiences, Facebook, Shared with permission

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay