Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tree Elementals

In our backyard trees, we have noticed one or two branches dancing wildly, back and forth, at midday (give or take) after the Solstice. This happens when there is no wind and every other branch is still. Today, I noticed that others have observed it in their yards. It’s like an elemental is waving hello. I'm interested in whether it’s always been going on and we just never saw it, or if something is new in the trees these past couple years...and what is causing it.

As I focus on this I get this behavior has always existed, but seems to be happening more frequently now. We are surrounded by other dimensional beings constantly (big foot, fairies), especially when in nature.

Gaia has many elementals and spiritual beings that are attached or gravitate to her energy. If you walk in nature not only can you spot leaves/branches moving, you can see faces in bark, rock faces or other structures in nature. Many times we glaze over them as we resonate in the 3D, but they are there if we open ourselves and observe the space.

When leaves move it is because something of another dimension is there. They may be walking, moving or sending a subtle message. These beings may be hard to see with your 3D vision, but the being is still there. Respect and honor these beings as their energy and connection to Gaia is very positive.


Tree Image