Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Will I move?

I applied online for a new lease on an apartment. I was already under the wing of the real estate and had a good history. The rent was an almighty $40 week more. I suggested a $25 increase with the remainder plus more coming from my current rental once they had re-let it.

I asked the cards about my apartment.

Sure enough my new apartment is all about business. It will be a burden. I will be looking to broaden my horizon. I will be strong and resilient in my quest to live there.

Then I asked if my application would be successful

The answer is I will be under the wing of structured conformity. My finances are solid. And I will be stepping off a cliff to undertake a new adventure with my pet, no matter the outcome, just like a fool.

So the answer is yes. 

I will be successful in my application and I will move next door.

We will see if I've read the cards right.