Friday, February 21, 2020

Ant Animal Spirit Guide

Need a little help with organization? Trying to build a sense of community? Ant as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Ant teaches you to prepare and endure through the labor ahead! Delve deeply into Ant symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can encourage, educate, and enlighten you!

Ants live in nearly every corner of the earth. In many regions, they represent willpower, diligence, patience, tenacity, endurance, fidelity, cooperation, truthfulness, and power. Ants in nature have amazing strength considering their very small size. In fact, they can carry over 20 times their own weight. That means a 200-pound person with an Ant’s strength could lift a ton!

Ants hear by having sensitivity to vibrations. They teach us to keep our instincts keen. They also leave an aromatic trail wherever they go, which helps them find their way home. In this, Ant Spirit is a trailblazer and guide.

In the Philippines, Ants coming into the house bring prosperity with their arrival. The Bible depicts Ant as a harmonious creature who works collectively with others. Islamic traditions say the Ant taught Solomon the ways of wisdom, and in India, treating an Ant with kindness ensures prosperity. Leaving a bit of sugar near an Ant hill is an act of charity that attracts luck.

There are numerous superstitions about Ants in the United States. If an Ant bites you, it means an argument is about to erupt. Ants nesting near the home is good luck. Ants that appear to run from you means someone is gossiping about you. Ants moving East to West meant the harvest was ready. Those moving West to East portend rain.

Red Ants crossing your path is a sign of danger. Ants moving in a row under a door indicates lies. An Ant stepped on is very bad luck and may lead to all manner of sorrow.

Key characteristics associated with Ant include unity, stamina, forbearance, duty, honor, preparation, organization, diligence, focus and hard work.

When Ant Spirit marches into your life, It brings a message of patience. Whatever is going on right now, you cannot be so impetuous. By pacing yourself, the end result will be far more rewarding. Slow down, don’t rush, work carefully.

Ant Spirit also encourages self-confidence. There are special moments when you need to wrap your strength around your waist and simply trust. Work with other people who share your focus and goals. Know your skills and apply them within that group harmoniously. Teamwork matters.

Encountering Ant Spirit may mean you really must focus on teamwork to achieve something. Be it co-workers, peers, or family, moving as one mind is the key here. Each person in this unit is an integral part of the puzzle you are trying to complete.

In some instances, the Ant Spirit Animal speaks of a life-changing opportunity. At first, it may seem overwhelming, but it will bring you good fortune in the end. Generally, this opening has something to do with community efforts. Keep this chance in smart balance with your home life and watch what wonders come.

When Ant Spirit bites you, it represents a call to action. Your family, tribe or community needs your help. Pay attention.

Those born with an Ant Totem are the ultimate planners. No matter how chaotic a situation seems they somehow manage to stay controlled and focused. When you walk with Ant Spirit, social opportunities become especially important. You need friends and congenial groups to be truly healthy and happy. Community building is in your blood, as is a good deal of wisdom and kindness. It is not surprising people often seek out those with an Ant Totem for guidance.

The Ant Totem also has a fighting Spirit. You are not one to stand on the sidelines of life. Nonetheless, you do not just jump into a confrontation without solid information. Ant people always weigh both sides of any situation before trying to fix it. And fix it they will – never giving up is one of Ant’s great qualities.

Ant Spirit is a planner. This Totem knows how to prepare for the future one step at a time. You feel no need to rush. Building dreams takes time and persistence. Ant shares attributes of other Animal Totems too. She is enduring like an Elk, is aggressive as a Badger, and investigates like Mouse.

Aunt Medicine is never separate from society. In fact, being part of a greater collective sustains Ant with great joy and energy. Ant knows in time the Universe provides. But providence isn’t just for self, but all our relations.

If you have the Queen Ant as your Totem (she has wings), you are forever giving to others. You see the true meaning behind the “greater good” and often sacrifice your own best interests to serve that noble cause. You have a soft spot for children, wanting to keep them safe from any harm.

Positive career paths for Ant include anything where you can put things in order. Also, social and community-oriented jobs make you incredibly happy. Being a principled person, you will work hard and see rewards for your labors. There are many good reasons to seek out Ant Spirit as a Power Animal aid. When you are facing a chance to do something new, Ant helps you say YES. You never know until you try. Ant Spirit can also guide you down a smooth path for reaching your goal, but it will not be the “quick” way – rather the right way. Call on Ant when you need community support when you feel yourself shriveling.

Ant, as a Power Animal, gets you back to “home” figuratively when you have somehow lost your way emotionally or spiritually. The power of the Ant also protects you during this process. If you work with Ant, you can begin building your dreams and to see them manifest.

Seek out Ant Spirit when you need motivation, particularly at work. Ants know how to overcome obstacles. They also understand the “order” of things. Sometimes you are talking to the wrong person or taking the wrong route. Ant puts you back on track with the right connections.

Native American Ant Symbolic Meanings
Native American stories represent Ant as a cooperative, hard-working Spirit. Ant spread soil across the earth for humans. Among Californian tribes, ants are earthquake predictors. Shamans tell us that Ant teaches that all good things come to those with patience and trust in their heart. The Pima have two clans named after Ant: Red Ant Clan and White Ant Clan. Cherokees have a ceremonial Ant Dance.

Native American outlook on Ant Medicine is all about slowing down. The more we hurry, the more we miss. Working with the tribe cooperatively, with serenity in our pockets is part of what will help put us back in balance with Nature. Ant calls us to unity and tireless effort.

Hopi Ant People
Hopi Myths speak of the Ant People. In the World Age (or First World) life ended in fire, and the Second World was destroyed by ice. In both cases, the Hopi were guided to the Ant People who took them to underground caves for safety. The Ant People gave the Hopi food and taught them how to store food. Some believe this led to the creation of the Kiva, community prayer spaces. The word itself breaks down into two words – Ki meaning Ant and Va meaning dwelling.

Folktales are the stories of common people. Each reflects something about the key character in the story often illustrating a lesson. We see this in Aesop’s Fable of The Ant and the Grasshopper.

The tale begins with Ants preparing provisions for winter. A hungry Grasshopper comes along asking for help. The Ants explained the Grasshopper should have worked during the summer so He would not be wanting now. Grasshopper excused his actions by saying He sang all season long. Ants would have none of this and told Him just to keep singing. There are two lessons here; first, is the lesson of being dutiful to those things necessary for survival. The second is that doing a kindness could have created a change for Grasshopper, and the opportunity just went by unrealized.

Another story from the Philippines tells us of Ant’s mystical realm beneath the Earth. When the Spanish arrived in the Philippines, natives trusted in Pagan Gods and thought they had physical living spaces. From time to time, a God would surface as a mound on the ground (Ant hill). People feared even looking at these mounds. It’s said as the mound grows higher, the God’s power increases.

In Persian lore, there is mention of exceptionally large and furry Ants. They only live in the desert underground. Because they emerged from their home with gold sand on their back, they were called Gold Mining Ants. The dust on their back was considered magical, and people gathered it with care. A fun historical aside to this story is the Ants were actually Groundhogs. The confusion comes from a language glitch where the word for Ground Hog means Mountain Ant, something our reporter Herodotus did not know when he wrote of this creature.

Ant Dreams
In the Language of Dreams, Ant represents things that are bugging you. These are usually minor annoyances that interrupt your day and leave you frustrated. Pay particular attention to where Ants appear in your dreams as that location is from where your issues stem.

Seeing a single Ant in your dream may mean that you feel powerless and alone. Being bitten by an Ant in your dream portends some type of accident so take extra care. Flying Ants represent your desire for freedom, and Ants laying eggs represent fertility.

The type of Ant you see in your dream also has meaning. A Queen Ant (with wings) is an omen of improvement in business, particularly for growth. Soldier Ants bear the message that you need to be more assertive to see success. Red Ants usually aren’t a good sign in that their bite feels like fire.


Friday, February 7, 2020

Trees call for help

Yesterday evening after another marathon healing session in Manchester England, I was called upon to seal a tear in the veil between our dimension and that of the dark demonic dimension.

It was the final thing to do before coming back home to Northamptonshire, the tear was under a church spire, many years ago the original church became dissused and became derelict over a period of a few years, many nasty things were done there including ceremonies and sacrifices to the dark by a coven of witches.

That was when they opened the tear in the veil for some reason they knew this spire would become a monument in that area after the remainder of the church was demolished.

I was intent on sealing this tear partly because of what I found during the healings not 50 yards away in a direct line, but also because of the trees calling for help, in the house where I had set up base for multiple healings, there were 7 trees in a row conifers at the bottom of the garden, sentinels who I have worked with remotely last year which was when I found out about the tear in the veil.

I could feel the waves of darkness emanating from it as I walked around the corner to it, I needed to direct energy at its base from 3 sides, there was a high concrete wall, and I thought we would have to turn back and go another way, I had Archangel Michael and 4 other Archangels with myself and a friend to take on the task.

Just as we were about to turn away the trees spoke to me from the darkness, "over here over here" they called as I drew close I saw them lining the wall all twisted and stringy is the only way to describe them, "you can get over the wall here" as I got up to the wall there was a large mound of garden rubbish dumped against the wall.

At that point the height of this wall was only about 4 feet to the top standing on the heap of rubbish, the tree next to me said thank you for coming we can help so I tried to direct energy at its base with my hand placed firmly on the tree we all went to work.

I then checked to see if we had succeeded, but sadly we had not, I was told the power of 3 is needed you need to repeat this on 2 other sides.

So being determined I climbed over the wall and dropped down it was higher than I thought, I then proceeded to repeat the direction of energy into the base from 2 other sides, I then checked all three sides to see if we had succeeded, it was closed the darkness had been shut off, I started to hear a sweet sound coming from this little band of trees on the other side of the wall like a crooning of a high pitch and felt like a child on a sugar rush.

I went back to the wall in the darkness but it was too high to climb, the trees told me to move left and as I did the ground began to get higher, someone had been dumping garden wast over this section too, it was a struggle to get back over but over I got.

As we walked away from the trees they were rejoicing I cannot explain it any other way, then as I looked up there right in front of me was the planet Venus shining so brightly, and to my left the clouds parted to reveal the moon with a halo around it we call it a Haw frost moon.

I just wanted to share this and say firstly I am just an ordinary man with a passion for harmony within all things, look at what can be achieved if you ask for help, we were a small group of five Archangels, 1 man, 1 woman, the earth herself via the small coppice of trees and the universe joined us too. I truly believe that anything is possible, do you?

In love and light always John Povey 2020, shared with permission.