Saturday, November 30, 2019

My kitty?

I fell in love with a scared little kitty at first sight.  Will kitty be coming to live with me?

The Fool
The Fool represents new beginnings and carefree adventure. Though this card could indicate foolishness, it is more optimistic in the sense that it stands for pure actions and being free from the constraints of your present life.

More than likely, there are important decisions coming your way, and the answer to your question is yes.

And when referring that yes back to the The Fool, beside him at his heels, before he steps off the cliff at the start his new venture is a little dog; a sure answer for a pet question.

The Fool and his pet on a new beginning. 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Will B and D be happy if they pursue a relationship

The question to change the face of a friendship thru intimacy is something faced by couples everywhere. Should we go ahead? Should we not? One thing that is important in the relationship here is the fact that you are both open to it. Here is what the cards say.

Your feelings
Completion, integration, accomplishment. When the World card appears in a Tarot reading, you are glowing with a sense of wholeness, achievement, fulfilment and completion. Everything has come together, and you are in the right place, doing the right thing, achieving what you have envisioned. You feel whole and complete.

Relationship Foundation
The Seven of Wands tarot represents challenges that must constantly be overcome to continue enjoying success.

Their Feelings
Inspiration, ideas, discovery, limitless potential, free spirit. With the Page of Wands, you are inclined to give anything and everything a go. You embrace the opportunity to start out on a new journey or project and see where it takes you. You do not necessarily have a solid plan in place, nor do you really know where you are headed, but you are excited about the possibilities.

Your Needs
Opportunities, choices, wishful thinking, illusion. When the Seven of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, you have many options and opportunities from which you can choose. But be careful! You are prone to illusion and unrealistic ideals. Seven of Cups can be a sign of wishful thinking and projecting into the future about what you would like to create, rather than taking action here in the present to make it happen. 

Combined Needs
Compassionate, caring, emotionally stable, intuitive, in flow. When you see Queen Cups in a Tarot reading, you are embodying her ‘nurturing mother’ energy. You support others by listening with your heart, being compassionate, and caring for them deeply. You are empathic and can sense the needs of others by tuning in to your intuition, and you hold the space for others to express their emotions and be the truest, most authentic versions of themselves. You have mastered this in such a way that, even though you hold space for emotional expression, you don’t take on other people’s energy or emotional issues because you are well-grounded and know where to create a healthy separation.

Their Needs
Resilience, courage, persistence, test of faith, boundaries, symbolises energy, passion and drive. The Nine of Wands comes as a sign that even in the face of adversity, you stand tall and strong. You are resilient, persistent, and ready to do what it takes to get to the finish line.

Your Expectations
Celebration, joy, harmony, relaxation, homecoming. The Four of Wands is a card of joyful celebration, blissful happiness and appreciation for the good things in life. 

Combined Expectations
Movement, fast paced change, action, alignment. The Eight of Wands encourages you to go with the flow; don’t resist it. Everything is moving fast right now, so make the most of this forward momentum to manifest your goals and dreams. Allow the energy of the Universe to flow through you and propel you closer to your goal. Trying to slow things down because you’re not ready or you’re fearful about the unknown will just waste this opportunity. Use the energy instead to fuel positive change and produce significant results.

Their Expectations
Betrayal, deception, getting away with something, acting strategically. The Seven of Swords is a card that appears in your Tarot reading to reveal issues of breaking free, doing things your own way and abandoning group ideals. The Seven of Swords is seen as a card of saving yourself; this can have positive elements to it, as in many personal transformations, but it can be negative as well, revealing the core selfishness present in many of our decisions. There is also an element of haste in this card, an indicator of moving fast in a decision making process.

Future of Relationship
Endings, change, transformation, transition. Death shows a time of significant transformation, change and transition. You need to transform yourself and clear away the old to bring in the new. Any change should be welcomed as a positive, cleansing, transformational force in your life. The death and clearing away of limiting factors can open the door to a broader, more satisfying experience of life. The Death card symbolises the end of a major phase or aspect of your life that you realise is no longer serving you, opening up the possibility of something far more valuable and essential. You must close one door to open another. You need to put the past behind you and part ways, ready to embrace new opportunities and possibilities. It may be difficult to let go of the past, but you will soon see its importance and the promise of renewal and transformation. If you resist these necessary endings, you may experience pain, both emotionally and physically, but if you exercise your imagination and visualise a new possibility, you allow more constructive patterns to emerge.

Will intimacy change our relationship?

The World is an indicator of a major and inexorable change, of tectonic breadth. This change represents a chance for you to bring about a desirable end to the Old and a good beginning to the New. It is indicative of growing maturity, a sense of inner balance and deeper understanding. It suggests that you may be approaching a more final sense of identity, and the security in the self that comes with age. It also represents the falling away of boundaries, sometimes in the effusive sense of the spiritual, but sometimes in a purely physical sense, indicating travels or journeys in the future.

The Two of Wands suggests the formation of partnerships in your immediate future, or the success of already existing joint ventures. You will likely find yourself in a position to reap the rewards of these partnerships, in the form of financial gain or promotion.

The Fool is a very powerful card in the Tarot deck, usually representing a new beginning -- and, consequently, an end to something in your old life. The Fool's position in your spread reveals which aspects of your life may be subject to change. The Fool portends important decisions ahead which may not be easy to make, and involve an element of risk for you. Approach the changes with optimism and care to gain the most positive outcome.

Summary - You are feeling just fine with the relationship as it is. You are holding yourself back and at times can have unrealistic ideals of a future relationship together. You are both concerned at the challenges you may face. He is wanting to embrace the relationship and start the new journey together. He needs you to be strong and supportive of the relationship. The card of transition and change combined with the Fool is two of the most powerful cards telling you to have the faith to face a new future together. The best relationships start as friendship. Have faith that love knows best. 

We hope we have provided insight into your circumstances.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

How is J

A question around a sick person.

The Six of Swords shows that you are in a state of transition, leaving behind what was familiar and moving towards the unknown. This change may be your own doing or forced upon you, and you may feel sad to leave behind what is so familiar to you. The sadness over what you have lost will soon be replaced by greater mental clarity and a renewed acceptance of change. You will become a better person as a result.

There is new mental clarity around an earthy caring woman. Things are going to happen fast. What appears to be one thing might be something else, dont get lost in wishful thinking, things may be as they seem. Choices need to be made, but in doing so, you must go beyond illusion and allure, and instead focus on what’s right for you.

There is a new emotional beginning allow universal love to flow through you. The Two of Swords indicates that you are facing a challenging decision, but you are unclear about which option to take. Both possibilities may seem equally good – or equally bad – and you are stumped about which will lead you to the best outcome. You must be able to weigh up the pros and cons of each choice and then make a conscious judgment. Use both your head (your mind and the intellect) and your heart (your feelings and intuition) to choose the path that is most in alignment with your Higher Self.

Will this person die?
Looking at the next move, what to do next, the future, making plans. Keeping emotions in check while trying to weigh up the odds and make difficult decisions. That question is yet to be answered.

Monday, November 18, 2019

How's things going in his life?

This reading tells a very straightforward story.

There is the two people, the King and Queen of Pentacles and suddenly wham!  Back stabbed and down. After that he doesn't know what to do he can't decide of any of the available alternatives.  But he either gets a message or hears from someone and a new idea takes place. He literally makes a move under his own steam but what he doesn't know is that his plans are all in dreamland and will not be as he thinks they will be.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Future romance

Future romance for Deb13.
Good luck and karma will be the start of this relationship. The courtship will be around  money,  your money affairs, being successful with money. The new relationship will bring to your life a commitment which may be a bit of a struggle. The strength of the relationship will be in looking at your future from a different viewpoint and making plans. Once you have reached this point the obstacle will be to maintain the solidity of your  happy home. The long-term commitment is strengthened by remembering youthful happiness and maintaining that aspect by turning over a new leaf and starting afresh from a positive place.

We hope this reading has provided insight into your situation.

Forecasting Month Forever Waiting

Will I be recognised at work?

The Theme for the month is Five Cups.
Regret, failure, disappointment, pessimism. The Five of Cups often appears in a Tarot reading when a situation hasn’t turned out the way you expected, and you are sad, regretful, and disappointed. Instead of moving on with your life, you are choosing to wallow in your self-pity. The Five of Cups shows you that, even though things aren’t going your way, new opportunities and possibilities are waiting for you – but only when you are ready. It’s time to shift your mindset and focus on what can go right from this point onwards. Be open to the brighter side of life and know many blessings are in disguise right now. Instead of giving in to a ‘glass is half empty’ perspective, look at it as the ‘glass is half full’. The Five of Cups represents loss and teamed with The Hierophant, it only magnifies the loss of self-respect represented by that intense Cups card.

First Week
King Cups - Emotionally balanced, compassionate, diplomatic.When this card turns up in a Tarot reading, you have gained control of your feelings and can accept them without allowing them to get the better of you. Even when life throws you a curve ball, you can draw on your emotional maturity and stability to help you navigate these challenges. You don’t let things get to you, and you steer clear of the drama, instead choosing an emotionally balanced and calm approach.

Second Week
The Hierophant - Spiritual wisdom, religious beliefs, conformity, tradition,institutions. If you have already mastered a particular field, you may be taking on the role of teacher and mentor to others. In this position, you honour and acknowledge your responsibility to share your knowledge in a structured way, one that respects the age-old traditions. The Hierophant‘s arrival suggests you are following convention and staying within the bounds of a ‘tried and tested’ model. You are not yet willing to go out on a limb or offer any new and innovative ideas. Instead, you adhere to the key principles and rules that you know will lead to a successful result.

Third Week

Nine Wands - Resilience, courage, persistence, test of faith, boundaries.The Nine of Wands comes as a sign that even in the face of adversity, you stand tall and strong. You may be on the edge of exhaustion, but you are resilient, persistent, and ready to do what it takes to get to the finish line. This card may also come when you feel battered and bruised, having endured significant challenges and struggles along your path. Just when you think you are making progress, you suffer another setback. The Nine of Wands asks you to trust that this is merely a test of your ‘grit’ and resilience, and know that every time you overcome an obstacle, you are getting stronger. You have the inner resources necessary to overcome any difficulty you encounter, even though it may seem impossible at the time. See this Nine as an assurance that you will eventually prosper if you maintain your position. And, if you do not succeed at first, then try again. When The Nine of Wands is in a reading that features The Fool, your great struggle has, at its core, the desire for freedom. 

Fourth Week
The Fool - Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit. The time is NOW! Take that leap of faith, even if you do not feel 100% ready or equipped for what is coming. You don’t need to wait for someone to give you the green light or hold off until you have all the skills, tools and resources you think you might need. You are ready! If you’ve been watching for a sign, this is it! This is a time of great potential and opportunity for you right now. The world is your oyster, and anything can happen. Use your creative mind with a dash of spontaneity to make the most of this magical time and bring forth your new ideas in powerful ways.

Summary - although you are feeling despondent about where you are at your work and not feeling appreciated you are being given the heads up to be yourself and allow your natural abilities to step in and take control. They already know that you have a lot to offer. Stick to the rules for the moment but slowly allow yourself to expand your ideas to others and this is how you will better yourself at your place of work.
We hope this reading has offered insight into your situation

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

What's coming up for Deb13

What is coming up for Deb13 before the end of this year. 

The theme for the next month is feeling young and exploring ideas. 

The Knight Pentacles in the first week is being conservative,  productive, hard working and routine. 

Three Swords in the second week has a disappointment, maybe some tears,  a loss of some sort. 

The Lovers in the third week is about decisions and choices in love. It is about harmony and relationships. 

Six Pentacles in the fourth week is about feeling bountiful,  family,  money,  lending money, sharing money and good fortune.  

Two Wands is the theme for this month. You will be looking at new ventures,  planning, discoveries and decisions. 

Ten Wands in first week. Feeling burdened. Carrying the load. 

The High Priestess in second week. Trusting your intuition and following your instinct. You are being given the knowledge that you need.

Five Swords third week. Conflicts,  disagreements,  winning the battle but have you won the war. 

Eight Wands fourth week. Something will happen quickly. Given the theme it could be making a decision or coming to a conclusion. 

We hope this reading has provided insight into your current situation

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Whats really going on?

My ex has bought land and is building a house with his 'fiance'. What is really going on?

Part 1
The Hierophant - this card represents an established set of spiritual values and beliefs and suggests you are following convention and staying within the bounds of a ‘tried and tested’ model. Instead, you adhere to the key principles and rules that you know will lead to a successful result. In the past position, this indicates a structured belief system and strong sense of cultural identity in your past.

Here the Hierophant is the first Acolyte Card. Your individuality is being subsumed to a higher cause in an epic surrender of self to ideal. The Acolytes are the two priests who kneel before the Pope. Following him is The Devil who has two prisoners chained to their self-destructive cycle of pleasure-seeking. With the large number of Pentacles in this reading the Devil is about money and the display of wealth and success.

The Devil - The Devil card represents your shadow (or darker) side and the negative forces that constrain you and hold you back from being the best version of yourself. You may be at the effect of negative habits, dependencies, behaviours, thought patterns, relationships, and addictions. When The Devil card is in the past position, your dealings with a domineering person or situation are over and done with. The foundation on which your life operates has the experience of this intense relationship at its core, but you have new structures in your life from which to operate and excel. It is good news to have The Devil in the past position. The chains have been broken.

Two Swords - The Two of Swords indicates that you are facing a challenging decision, but you are unclear about which option to take. Both possibilities may seem equally good – or equally bad – and you are stumped about which will lead you to the best outcome. The Two of Swords comes as a reminder that many of life’s decisions are difficult ones and rarely come with clear-cut answers. Avoidance will lead to greater conflict and stagnation. When the Two of Swords is in the present position, there are too many things you are willfully ignoring for you to make a decision. Your current outlook is one of either stubborn apathy or obtuse denial.

Nine Pentacles - Pentacles represent materialism, wealth and the consequences waiting for us in the real world.You have worked hard to create abundance in your life, and the Nine of Pentacles says now you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labour. The irony of the Nine of Pentacles in this position is that it becomes difficult to critique the boredom that occurs when wealth and materialism overtake us when that very boredom is a goal toward which we are striving.

Five Cups - The Five of Cups often appears in a Tarot reading when a situation hasn’t turned out the way you expected, and you are sad, regretful, and disappointed. Instead of moving on with your life, you are choosing to wallow in your self-pity. All you can focus on right now is what went wrong and how you failed. In the Future position, this card could be telling you to look more closely at the things in your life that would break your heart were drastic change to occur.

Part 2
Six Pentacles - In the past position, the Six of Pentacles indicates a parental relationship that was wrapped up in the desire for wealth to the point of being controlled by materialism. You have accumulated great wealth and are now in a position to offer financial assistance to those in need. You may also be inclined to make a loan to someone on the premise that they will eventually pay you back once they are back on their feet. This is a loan built on trust and good faith, knowing that if you give something away, it will come back to you. The Six of Pentacles is a card representing financial harmony. The amounts flowing in and out are in balance, and you are thankful for what you have and happy to share with others in need.

Eight Cups - When the Eight of Cups shows up in a Tarot reading, you may feel compelled to walk away from a disappointing situation. Now, the only choice is to put it behind you and move on with your life, even if it brings you sadness as you say goodbye. The Eight of Cups suggests you sense that something is missing, particularly on an emotional or spiritual level, and instead of waiting around for things to get better, you know you need to leave that unfulfilling situation. The strength of this card is in the person actually having left the situation – this is a motivation for you to make a radical change with your current situation.

The Moon - The Moon represents your fears and illusions and often comes out when you are projecting fear into your present and your future, based on your past experiences. You may have a painful memory that caused emotional distress, and rather than dealing with the emotions you pushed them down deep into your subconscious. Now, these emotions are making a reappearance, and you may find yourself under their influence on a conscious or subconscious level. The Moon can indicate a time of uncertainty and illusion, when nothing is what it seems. Be careful of making fast decisions when the Moon appears because you may later realise you only had half the information you needed. You need to listen to and trust your intuition so you can see beyond what is in front of you.

Ace Pentacles - represents new beginnings, opportunities, and potential – and as a Pentacles card, these new beginnings correlate to the material world: finances, wealth, career, physical health and manifestation of your goals. The Ace is the dominant type of card and pulsates its energy over the whole reading.

Two Wands - When the Two of Wands appears in a Tarot reading, you are not ready to make your move – it is more important that you establish a clear plan before proceeding. You are exploring your options and carefully plotting out the path ahead, accounting for all possibilities and potential challenges. 

The future position is a weak position for the Two Wands. Sure, you will be outspoken in the coming months or years. But the isolation over your nonconformity could be startling. Expressing your opinions in an inappropriate manner and at the wrong time could lead you to ruling a kingdom of one: yourself. The Two of Wands can be the happy leader of the revolution celebrating having done the world some good or it could be a cranky old man on the porch hollering at the neighborhood kids to get off of his lawn. What is a refreshing urge to confront in order to resolve something in the past and present becomes a love of confrontation for its own sake. If the Two of Wands shows up in your reading in this position, it is the Tarot’s way of reminding you to get some hobbies in order to have a diverse array of activities to enjoy.

Summary - The ex is on a path driven by finances, success and the conformed rules of being successful. He already knows that he is not happy, there are problems he is not dealing with. He will come to a time when he will stand back and see all that he has accomplished but that will not make him happy, it will be an empty success. He will walk away to a potential new beginning but that again will cause him to look further afield.