1. Set your protection.  Of all the steps, this may be the most important.  Be very concise and state either verbally or mentally what you want to happen, and what your "rules" are.  You may call on your guides and angels, and advise that you only was pure, high vibrational information.  Command all negative energy to leave, and request that you only be surrounded by positive energy.  
  2. Set your intent.  Be clear about what you want.  Do you want to purge energies, find an answer, connect with something?  Mentally or verbally state what you want.
  3. Get comfortable.  Nothing breaks a meditation like a back or leg cramp, so get comfortable in a chair, floor, etc.  You can lay or sit, whatever you like.

  1. Try going outside to enhance grounding.
  2. Being barefoot is always nice.
  3. Face the sunshine to soak in the energy.
  4. Relax, clear your mind, and focus on centering and balancing all your chakras.  I start with the root and visualize the color red, and work my way up ending with white light at my crown.  I stay relaxed and allow my intent to work.  Realize what you see or experience may seem to have nothing to do with the intent you placed (like getting an answer), but just trust in the Universe to give you what you need even if it hits you the next day.
  5. When your meditation is done (either because it is timed or you "feel" done) slowly come back.  Visualize your chakras closing and say a little "thank you" for the messages and guidance.  
Having Trouble Relaxing Your Mind?
You still want to set your protection, and intent (what you hope to happen).  But there are some other variations of a traditional meditation you can try:
  1. Walking meditation:  Go outside, preferable in nature, and walk.  Focus on the sounds, air, smells.  Allow yourself to be at one with yourself. 
  2. Turn off the radio in the car:  First and most importantly, be safe with this!!  When you are on a drive that is very familiar to you (like the one you take everyday), turn off the radio and allow your thoughts to flow.  
  3. Shower:  Stand in the shower with your back against the water.  Focus on the water hitting your back.  This can be a subtle enough distraction to allow your mind to relax and do some internal reflection.
  4. Guided meditation:  There are lots of free guided meditations online.  Sample one, and if it doesn't work, try another one.  
  5. Do tasks/chores in silence:  When you are doing tasks like housework or yard work, do it in silence.  Allow your mind to float and ponder different topics.
Source: Lynn Psychic Focus

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