Thursday, April 7, 2022

Will I love my new boots?

Buying an expensive pair of boots online can be risky. Especially knowing that they might not be comfortable and lead to their return at the buyers expense.

Having foot issues is a lifelong search for comfort. To discover that a favourite boot line has been deleted can be a shock to the system. 

However, a knowledgeable sales girl pointed me in the direction of a similar pair of boots with the same dimensions. And then said that this boot was also due for deletion, but for the moment was still available to online customers.

There were only two pair available. So I went home and bought that boot. I thought myself lucky. It's not every day one gets to purchase a $270 boot. This was a first ever. I began to fret at what I had so impulsively done. What if I didn't like them?

I asked Tarot if I would love my new boots. 


You followed the proper guidelines to find this boot.


It is as if fate and destiny bought you together. 


Feminine beauty, comfort and opulence. Womanly perfection.

Three major cards. Yes you will love your new boots.