Friday, January 28, 2022

Psychic Predictions


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Friday, January 21, 2022

Past Life Karma

There was a child who clearly knew he was a Civil War confederate in a past life. He knew his name and town in Indiana where he died. The interesting part was he was an emergency C section delivery in this life, but the epidural didn’t work so the Mom felt it all. What is their past life connection?

We all have past lives and trauma tied to them. When I read for people and they are interested in learning about their own past lives, most times a dominant one will put forward and it will parallel this life in some way. It could reveal the root of a phobia, cause of a birthmark or even a personality or internal belief. The amazing thing is the amount of detail he was able to recall on his own.

I do get there was some karmatic connection to the mother and the son. It was no coincidence that he was born to her. I don't get she was a Union soldier, but rather a soldier (she was a male in that life) that was on his side that could not save him and left him to die. She carried a lot of guilt and needed (or wanted) to be punished for it energetically even though at the time that is what soldiers did on the field (save who you know you can, but leave the ones that are dead or near death). It was really her karma that needed reset in the form of a difficult birth and "earning" her baby's life. By enduring this challenging pregnancy and labor, she was able to resolve this debt and reset the karmatic scale. She was then able to nurture and raise this soul that in her past life she was forced to leave and allow to parish.