There is so much energy right now between shifts in our consciousness, shifts of our earth, and our own internal emotions that I felt this question was very important to address. I see the energy being really intense for the remainder of 2019 as we approach the end of the year and the holiday time. When we are under stress, illness or even tired it is essential to set and maintain your protection and set your boundaries. I wanted to give you some things to be mindful of as you work through the process.

Be Mindful: Throughout the day, just take a moment to say a positive mantra. It doesn't have to be lengthy or even exact quotes, just something from the heart. It could be as simple as "please shower me with white light" or "only allow high vibrational beings in my presence."

Maintain a Positive Outlook: No one is perfect, but if you consciously make effort to see things in the positive, your attitude will create your reality. When you see the positive, positivity will come back to you. If you focus on the negative, it will become your reality and you will draw negative energy on yourself. Don't be a magnet for negativity.

Visualize: Close your eyes and visualize the protection. Create a bubble of white light, or see the light shine down on you. Imagine and feel what the warmth, comfort and protection feels like.

Food/Diet: This is a tough time of year, but try to eat healthier, non-processed foods. The toxins in these foods make the immune system work in overdrive and make it weak. When the immune system is weak, illness can take hold. When we feel bad, it makes it difficult to be mindful, visualize or maintain a positive outlook.
Crystals: Sometimes we like to help strengthen intent and use tools to increase vibrations. Crystals are WONDERFUL at helping to accomplish both. Chose ones that call to you, or draw your attention. Carry them, use them and put them all over your space.

Orgonite: I am a big believer in orgonite. The compression of crystals and metal in a resin create a huge amplification of the energy and vibrations. The elevated vibration makes it difficult for any outside interference or attacks


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