Monday, January 11, 2021

Career and a Better Me Luissan


The Best Course of Action

The best way forward is being part of a team, bringing others in on your idea's or joining with others, doing this may make you feel stifled, restricted, but it is necessary for advancement


You are self motivated, resilient and able to hold on to something until completion, you are quick to find opportunities and action them.


You are mentally stimulated and have lots of new ideas, you also have a fear that you may need to engage in teamwork or band with others to achieve results, the challenge is not to let emotion overwhelm the positive movement forward.

Where you are coming from

You are coming from a place of intuitive inspiration and creative energy, go with the flow, do not procrastinate because that is not working for you right now.


You know that you have it in you to succeed, now is the time to focus, go forth and enjoy your ambitions, you are being guided by spirit.

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