Monday, December 11, 2023


The reason why we are going through the pole shift is because the Earth rotation is backwards and it keeps us in a lower density of 3D. It is kind of like we are heavy and more carbon based.

When the rotation is slowing down, stopped and then is recalibrated to go in the other direction, we will be lighter and crystalline based in our bodies in 5D. This new direction is the natural organic original direction of our Earth rotation. 

The Ascended Masters are assisting us in this process and they are carefully readjusting our Earth and making sure that every person is adjusting okay. 

It is better if we try to sleep at the time the Earth is stopped because it will seem like we are frozen in time for a bit but we will be awake and aware but unable to move. It is like sleep paralysis. It is safe and will take only about 3 days total. 

Source - Facebook

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