Saturday, December 23, 2023

Shadow Entities

A shadow person is a paranormal entity in the shape of a human. It has hands and feet, but no fingers and toes. 

A hat wearing shadow person is the leader of a hierarchy of a group of shadow people. However, I’m not sure why the shadow round chose the fedora hat of the 1920s era as a symbol of their hierarchy. Other shadow figures wear bowties. We assume the bowtie wearing shadow figure is male. However, the fedora hat was originally worn by women and later, and now mostly by men. The shape of the fedora hat may also indicate the gender or the point of origin. Many women wore a different shape fedora hat, so that they could hang jewelry from the hat. 

You can ask your shadow person to simply leave. Not all shadow people are violent. Tell your shadow person to go to a funeral home and wait for a dead person to arrive at the funeral home. When a human being dies the “light“ portal we are to cross over into last for about three days. Your shadow person can cross into the light with the other deceased person at the funeral home. You don’t need to know the person who is deceased at the funeral home. You may also want to go to the funeral home yourself and see if your shadow person will cross into the light then. You can also tell the shadow person to go to the cemetery. You’re trying to get your shadow person to find a light portal somewhere. 

You can try saging. When you sage, don’t let anything get behind you in the stairway. When you stage start at the basement and work your way up to the highest floor of the house. Open a window at the highest floor of the house. The room with the open window is the last room to be staged. In essence, you are pushing the entity out of the house with your sage and forcing it out the only open window. All other windows or doors would be closed. Sage from the outside walls to the inside walls. Sage the last room with the open window, close the open window and place salt around the open window and around each door and window. You may have to burn the sage more than once. Keep your pets out of the house for a few hours after you, sage because Sage can make humans and pets sick and nauseous. 

There are many other techniques to remove it. You will have to check the Internet and keep trying until you find something that works. Paranormal entities may exhibit signs, and behavioral patterns of the profession or hobby they had while they were living. Your shadow person may be a deceased relative or friend. For example, if water appears when a shadow person appears, then the shadow person may have been a firefighter or someone in the Navy, or a person who was a water, skier or surfer.

You may also be seeing small tiny balls of light. These are orbs which a typically accompany shadow people, but orbs are usually harmless. If you have any or antiques, those should be removed from your home. Having dolls or antiques, doesn’t cause paranormal activity, but most haunted locations have dolls or antiques, and we assume that Paranormal entities attach to dolls and antiques. 

If you have any object in your home or paint colors that are teal, turquoise, blue, green, light, pink, or light blue.l those colors and object should be repainted or removed also. Having these colors doesn’t cause paranormal activity, but the Paranormal prefer these colors over any other. Removing a Paranormal entity is not the same as a plumber. The plumber comes and fixes your plumbing problem and then you pay the plumber and then the plumber leaves and you’re all set. Removing a Paranormal entity may days weeks months or years. It depends on the resources of the homeowner and of the entities purpose for being here. 

You may want to start video recording your home and video recording your bedroom night to see if something shows up. Your shadow person may also press down on your chest while you are sleeping. This is called paranormal sleep paralysis. All humans experience medical sleep paralysis when they dream so that the human body doesn’t move while we dream and we don’t act out our dreams while we are sleeping. 

I hope this helps to understand Paranormal Entities.

 - Kirk McManus, Facebook 2023, Shared with permission

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