Friday, July 30, 2021

Listen to the Signs

We all have signs to tell us that something is wrong. One day on my walk I had a paralyzing pain in my groin. I stopped. What do I do? I couldn't move. OK, I thought, I will change direction. And with that decision, I was suddenly freed from the paralyzing grip and able to resume my journey.

I was half way across the road, but still walking south, when the pain attacked again. Only this time I was stuck in the middle of the road. The pain stopped me from moving in any direction. Feeling a little frantic, I thought, I'm going to cancel this walk and go home. As before, the pain left my groin and I was able to walk home without issue, my journey cancelled. I've never had that pain since. 

There must have been a reason for me to not complete my southward walk, but I will never know, I just have to trust the signs.

A pain in the knee signaled a message to a Portugal runner. One can only surmise if this was a message meant for him to end his journey.

The runner who never returned

Dogs, drones, a helicopter and 30 men searched for Michal Kozek, a 35-year-old Polish citizen who hasn’t been seen since on July 7 he left a hotel in Calheta for a run. Family continues to search but the mystery remains.

Difficult accessibility, dense vegetation, constant fog – the general characteristics of Madeira’s forests have not helped, nor are they helping, the search for Michal Kozek, a Polish amateur marathon runner who on Wednesday, July 7th, left his hotel. in Calheta, in the western part of the municipality of Funchal, on the island of Madeira, to run in the mountains, and he no longer showed signs of life. That Wednesday, Michal did not return to the hotel, nor in the following days, and he did not make any contact with the family, who live in Gickhauawn, Switzerland. The alert, moreover, was given by the athlete’s own family, on the morning of July 8th. When he was last seen, Michal was wearing a blue sweater, black shorts, and purple sneakers. He would have a GPS watch with him, which would reveal his geographic position.

According to what Michal Kozek’s family told the authorities, the Pole started training around 6 pm on 7 July, in Porto Moniz, in the far north of Madeira. His intention would be to climb the mountain to the island’s central massif, and descend the southern slope to Calheta, then following part of the route that is part of the Madeira Islands Ultra-Trail, a mountain running event that has a distance of 115 kilometers.

Psychic insight has been provided as to what happened to him.

Psychic Insight

When I focus on him I think the best thing is to place myself with him and watch how these events played out.

As I witness this through his eyes I see myself leave the hotel and start my training run. I have everything I need and am feeling pretty good. I decide that I want to head into the forest to enjoy the scenery because it feels to make the time more enjoyable and also provide a good workout.

I start my way in and the path I'm on feels a little rough. Typically running on the ground is nice and gives some cushion, but on this day it just feels off. I still go in thinking the surface will change as I get into the shady areas. I notice my left knee is a little off and feeling sore. I can't quite figure out why, but assume it has to do with the terrain and feel I can run through it.

The deeper I get into the run I find myself distracted by my knee and I start to feel a little concerned and try to alter my cadence and also how I plant my feet. It feels to help as I keep going.

In a moments notice I realize I had stumbled upon an animal (large cat). Typically I would be looking far ahead, but on this day I was distracted with the environment (it feels new or unseen before), and also the pain I was having in my knee. I see the animal feeling threatened, and began to come after me.

I had 1000 thoughts come to me all at once. I was trying to decide if I should run, stay still, or what to do. My instinct was to run and try to climb something. I see a tree about 20 feet away and run for it. I start to climb when I feel a tear at my left leg. I hold on for as long as I can but the force was incredible. I felt like I was ripped from the tree like a rag doll.

At that moment everything went completely silent. I was still trying to fight, but also realized this was a fight I may not win and wanted to try. It was like my vision was focused solely on this cat. I felt no pain, just pure fight within me.

Things then just went dark. I think I passed out from either exhaustion or blood loss. I'm not sure how long I was out, but the next thing I see is myself floating above my body and looking down. What I witnessed seemed horrific, but at the same time not real. I didn't know what I was seeing and felt very confused.

I was then met by a young man that felt like a brother to me. He was there to meet me and guide me. He helped me to realize I was in spirit and I transitioned.

At this point, this feels more like a recovery, but even that will be a challenge because I get the cat carried off the remains.

My deepest regrets go to this family seeking answers and closure. I am so sorry.

Love and light be with them, Lynn


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