Friday, November 11, 2022

Illness and Cards

A sick person who had a cancer cut off his nose suddenly fell dangerously ill. He was already skin and bone from all the chemo but doctors decided to operate on a small legion. And that operation went sideways. They nicked an artery and couldn't stop the bleeding. The patient became bedbound with a high temperature with no ability to walk.

I asked the cards about him. 

That's fairly clear. There's heartbreak with a couple. Judgement calls. 

I asked Lenormand about timing.

And this answer is a little freaky. 


General: confusion, uncertainty, instability, chaos, hidden info, ambiguity, previous events or partner, feeling conflicted, doubt, changeable situation, thoughts, illusions, intellect, mental activity, cloudy or rainy weather, airborne

Health: lungs, respiratory system, airborne germs and viruses, asthma, pneumonia, depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, imbalance, hidden issues, substance abuse

Timing: 6th of month, 6 days, weeks or months, temporary, delays, June


General: endings, emptiness, cancellation, death, stagnation, waste, negativity, loss, bankruptcy, unemployment, void, vanished without a trace, detachment

Health: end of large intestine, bedridden, serious illness, depression/suicidal tendencies, phobia, fatigue, physical death

Timing: immediately, 8th of month, 8 days, weeks or months, end of month, August


This person is at the end of his life.

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