Monday, July 24, 2023

Baby's Night Terror

My oldest daughter would have these cries, out of nowhere. It started at about 8/9 months. She would sleep for about 20 minutes and start crying desperately, her eyes wide open.

I got to spend 1 hour with her in my arms crying. I talked to her, sang, prayed, cried together, fought, but she ignored me.

When she was almost two years old, I met a psychologist colleague on a walk and commented with her. She asked me a few questions that my daughter fit all of them, so she said, It's very likely that she has night terrors. She explained that the child's eyes are open, but he sees another reality, a horrible one. That she sees monsters and that it's because the brain is developing and it can last up to 15 years. She gave me an article to read and told me to see a child psychologist. Treatment with therapy for her to unload the tension. More or less that... lol.

As I am a person of faith, that night, I took her in my arms, opened the bible and read Psalm 91, which talks about night terrors. I anointed my daughter and prayed specifically for this, telling God that he didn't know if the night terror in the Psalm was the same as what psychologists say exists, but that says that the Lord would deliver us from it.

I rebuked it in the name of Jesus and from that night on, my daughter never had that again! Sleep like a rock! God is wonderful!!!!

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