Thursday, February 3, 2022

Australia Federal Elections 2022


A sudden and seemingly inexplicable exodus from Parliament will erupt among Coalition members, with resignations all citing a sudden need to spend more time with family. Opinions of respective family members on this prospect will remain uncertain.

Corruption allegations will surface against one or all of the following: Anthony Albanese, Sally McManus, Penny Wong and/or Jim Chalmers. Possibly also Tanya PliberseK.

After a long and protracted vote-counting process, during which several frauds are discovered and votes recounted, the Morrison Government will be voted out. Many citizens will hit the streets to rejoice, but footage of celebrations will not appear on any of the commercial news broadcasts or the newly privatised national broadcaster, which has been rebranded as ABConservative.

The new Labor Government, assisted by Federal ICAC Now (FIN) Senator Ross Jones, will establish a national anti-corruption commission. All but seven remaining members of the Liberal Opposition will be called before this newly formed body on corruption charges.

There will be a Liberal Party leadership spill during which Scott Morrison will be toppled with one hundred and two per cent of the vote going against him


I see a woman with light coloured hair in politics leaving her current role in disgust. I feel this is Kerry Chant. Worn out after a horrible year and also she does not agree with Dominic Perrotte. Not to worry he won't last long anyway. He may last up until the next elections; but after that he will be gone.

I feel the Queensland Premier; Anastasia Palasczuck will leave her role and move on to greener pastures. No doubt worn out by this horrible Covid business too. So expect a cabinet reshuffle


The Morrison Government is booted out as Labor sweeps the polls. Anthony Albanese conducts a brilliant campaign, guesting at numerous festivals as DJ Albo and winning almost all young voters. Barnaby Joyce remains stranded abroad after contracting a rare form of the bubonic plague on a trade mission to Azerbaijan (flogging coal of course) and is forced into three months of quarantine. Michaelia Cash loses all credibility with petrol heads nationwide after she is spotted driving an electric ute. Clive Palmer is ejected from a Twisted Sister concert in Brisbane after he and Craig Kelly become over boisterous in the mosh pit. Ever in search of imperial honours Tony Abott takes up a position and regal title at the Hutt River Province


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