Saturday, February 19, 2022

Madeleine McCann

What really happened to Madeleine McCann, the 3 year old girl went missing from her hotel room while on holiday with her parents in Portugal and will she be found alive. 


When I focus on this I get the immediate image of a movie called Murder of Adam Walsh. The movie depicted a child that was taken and later murdered and left in a field. I feel that a similar thing has happened to this little girl. I also get that they have a strong suspect, but there is a technicality or reason that person is let go, mainly because they can't find a body.

Then I get an image of this rolling countryside that isn't too far from where she was taken. It looks like a patchwork of farmland and random grassy fence lines between property. There are also some larger trees and running creeks in these grassy spots. I feel like she is there or wants to draw people to this area.. ? (I would need to do a separate reading to get really involved in this...


Hilary says that this reading is very dark and sickening. and she found it difficult to understand.  

She connected with Madeleine in spirit who tells her she was drugged and taken away to a motel. There were other young children with her in the van when she was kidnapped. This was not a sex trafficking ring but more of science/ritual. The child says that her body was 'taken apart' and given away as experiments. This happened on a table amongst trees not far from a beach with other men,  not the one that took her. The police had the right man.


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