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Drugs open Demonic Doorways


Drug consumption is one of the biggest “doorways” for the demonic to come through. Most of the time, people who turn to drug use are already compromised with their mental, emotional and spiritual health. People often consume drugs to cover up pain and trauma from their past or present situations. Any negative emotion is a flashing beacon to draw demons in. When you add mind or mood altering chemicals to it, this compiles the problem.

Drugs cause us to lower our inhibitions and they relax the mind. This allows us to connect to the spiritual realm more easily. When your inhibitions are lowered, you are much more likely to agree to demonic communication, whether you recognize that you are agreeing to this or not. Demons don’t play fair and they will use ANY permission that you give to them to enter into your life, even if you don’t realize that you have done this.

Being under the influence of drugs also can cause someone to be more likely to commit other major sins. These include fornication, theft, violence, etc. These sins attract more demons. Drug consumption is like opening up Pandoras Box. It will unleash a demonic invasion into your life.


This is testimony from a close friend and has weighed heavily on my heart. After hearing this I instantly knew why they want everyone getting a green card and consuming their manufactured products. This is much more than just trying to create a docile world or make it difficult to be a second amendment supporter.

There has been a huge push to have marijuana legalized and dispensaries seem to be popping up everywhere. Have you ever stopped to think, Why?

It was a few weeks ago, my friend who I will call Sue, was hanging out at a social gathering. Everyone was relaxed, having a nice time and enjoying some drinks. The host emerged and offered a "gummy" to a few of the folks, and Sue hesitated because she wasn't sure what she was being offered. She looked at the package, saw it was from a dispensary and was told it was a gummy with one of the lowest doses of THC. The host said don't worry about it, he had done it before and it was do big deal. She reluctantly took it, but decided to give it a try, and enjoyed the rest of the evening. She didn't notice any effects, and even forgot she took it. She assumed that it was a low dose and the few drinks masked the effects. No big deal... she thought..

After she got home she made food, ate dinner, watched a little tv and went to bed. As soon as she laid in bed a panic attack took over and she felt like her physical body was being pulled from her spirit body. It was tough for her to put into words, but it felt scary and as if she didn't have any control of herself and something was splitting her in half. She was afraid to fall asleep because she was certain the devil or some entity was going to steal her body. She was in a horrific, full on panic attack. This sensation would come in waves and at the peak she felt as though she could not walk and could not control her body. This lasted at least two hours, but felt like forever. Exhausted from the experience, she was finally able to get a little sleep.

The next day she confided in me and could not stop thinking about this experience. She knew then that the "gummy" thing was not for her and there was something evil tied to it. She felt like she was in a spiritual tug-of-war and it left an impression.

Then, to make it worse the following night when she went to bed she had the WORST nightmares of her life, and this is coming from a person that rarely remembers a dream. It was as if something evil was inside messing with her mind. After this experience and realization she has been working to pray and rebuke whatever accessed her mind to once again regain full control. There was undoubtedly a spiritual attack and that one gummy opened the gateway.


Hearing this story and pondering how to help, I realized this is why they want their manufactured weed legal. This is why they want you on a green card. And, this is why they want to manufacture and produce all variations of edibles and vape. If they can get you hooked and provide the gateway to demonic attack, they can control what you are putting in your body. Pot now is not the pot of yesteryear. We aren't living during the times of growing a tobacco plant or cannabis. Strawberry THC gummies and cotton candy vapes aren't natural. It is my belief that there is something nefarious happening in this manufacturing facilities that open up a person and make them vulnerable to demonic activity. The devil wants to take over, and will do whatever he can to trick and dupe people to go down his path. He wants you on drugs. He wants yourmind foggy. He wants to be able to corrupt you.

Do your own research, and even talk to people. Compare experiences. I strongly caution against dabbling. There is a reason it's called the devil's lettuce, and it has gotten so much worse once the big tech companies got involved in the production..


Image by GrumpyBeere from Pixabay

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