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Pendulum Energy


I use a simple yes/no dowsing with a white quartz pendulum or my silver necklace used as a pendulum. When I started dowsing, I got very much surprised how accurate the answers were. So I kinda started abusing my pendulum: asking too many questions, repeating the same questions over and over again. After some time I noticed I started losing weight unintentionally, other health-related accidents, I started having problems with my thyroid and my weight still keeps dropping. This all corresponded with the time I was dowsing. Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but what if there is actually something happening? I am getting quite anxious now with using a pendulum.


I will share with you what I found to be helpful when it comes to fear and challenging situations. David Hawkins his book ‘Letting go’ is a master piece regarding shifting perspectives.

Letting go really means dissolving the ego and allowing ourselves to feel our emotions. Acknowledging how you feel by affirming is the first step.

Yes, I am angry, I am scared, I am…

This provides you with awareness of what is, as saying the positive counterparts just don’t feel true right now and that is not being honest with ourselves. There is nothing wrong with experiencing negativity as that is life. We are emotional beings by nature.

Once you acknowledge it, let it all come to the surface. Every thought, memory, person, situation that is in alignment with this emotion or feeling. When it gets overwhelming, especially with anger, I like to punch on a pillow and express my anger exactly how I want it. I do this until I am exhausted and can’t punch anymore. Often this is followed by sadness, so cry if you need to. If this happens, give yourself a break and be kind to yourself. A pat on the back for allowing yourself to express, grateful for yourself that you were courageous enough to express it. This is worth gold, don’t underestimate it!

If you are able to continue or if the emotions didn’t make you wanna punch someone (don’t do that, pick a pillow), now is the time to fully embrace it and FEEL it in your body. You simply say: yes, thank you. Thank you for this experience, I invite you in. The reason why you do this is because it is a part of you that you have rejected somehow. Call it your shadow side. Not saying this will feel fun or comfortable in the moment, but look at this way. When we are feeling happy and content, we don’t say: I don’t want to feel happy. We only do it when we experience something negative. However, from the Source perspective there is no duality and everything is just an experience to remember who we truly are. When you invite this in and allow yourself to feel it, just sit with the emotions. Here you are being asked to let go of all those stories that you came up with earlier. No matter if you feel you are right about something for instance, that’s not important. You want to release the emotion and have clarity and the ego does not provide any of that. Sit with it for as long as you can with a still mind. If you find this challenging, do this in small bits throughout your day, perhaps send forgiveness and compassion to yourself and any external experience that keeps you in the mind. Another way is to move your consciousness into your heart space and focus it there. You will notice that the mind will give up after a while as it tries to pull you back into the head space. Once this tug and pull phase is over, you can sit in your heart space. The final step before you can just truly feel and allow to process the emotions is to dissociate your mind completely from the emotion by giving it any label, namely what the emotion is to you. Anger, hate, sadness, depression,… you are the co-creator so you decide if you give it any more meaning than it actually is. Emotions are hormonal sensations and when repressed they create programs in our body through our nervous system and the neurons that created the pattern in the first place. Very similar to the “gut feeling”, which are in fact fight-or-flight responses created by us through conditioning. They are not reliable unlike intuition that comes from the heart.

When you are able to sit with your emotions and having a calm mind with a nonjudgmental soft focus on the emotions, you kind of feel like being in observer mode. You are present, aware and occupied only with feeling. Even the thought: I don’t like this feeling, isn’t there. Tell your mind what it is you want. If it does says this for instance you can reply in a compassionate way: no, I allow myself to feel this way and be in my heart space. The time to just BE like this varies depending on how well you can calm the mind. For me, the feeling mode doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes and then the emotion we don’t like just dissipates and dissolves. You may yawn or take a deep breath when it actually shifts. You will know it worked when you can think of an experience and don’t get triggered anymore. Congratulations, you just integrated A LOT, I’m serious, this clears up a bunch of stuff.

Sometimes things may be layered so you may not reach this point of deeper relaxation, ease and peace around the emotion you were releasing or you may have only to come back a little later. That is the process, you can’t rush it and can only deal what comes into your awareness. If it’s layered, it’s like the iceberg. You start with the part above the water and when it is removed, another part becomes available. How big the ice berg in reality is is often unknown to us. I can’t count the times I thought I healed something only to come back later. Also, when we have dealt with a pretty good amount of our personal healing, we get that of the collective but don’t let this discourage you, the results of all this is that you will truly feel more at peace and powerful because you will not get triggered that easily anymore and you are in the flow of life. I hope this is helpful and know that you are supported and guided by so many beneficial beings on the other side as well. They want to help you, ask them to assist you with anything including this letting go method. Be kind and patient with yourself ok?

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