Thursday, May 23, 2024

Psychic Predictions

Do not play into the hands of deliberately divisive and manipulative news, lest you wear the so called karmic responsibility that does not belong to you. This is a time to be kind, compassionate and avoid violent behaviour because this is what locks in the dreadful conflict beginning between 2025 to 2027. This is currently transpiring and by putting our consciousness into this, we are pulling our spiritual energy down low, and this anchors the destruction into Human consciousness. Remember this is energy in motion as well as the spiritual terminology of, as above, so is below, meaning that what we think of we therefore create in the physical world.
-Alex Fulford, Psychic 2024
I see old people losing their voice publically in 2024 and this is only the start of it. Where is the voice of reason? The sons and daughters of the elderly must advocate more for their elderly parents and loved ones. Because if they don't then they too shall share the same fate and worse in retirement. The young ones will not have the money to inherit either because it will be gone, by the time their parents die.
-Alex Fulford, Psychic 2024

The Middle East will eventually become entirely restructured and remodernised by the 2040's into a major buisness hub including IT. Yet there will still be restrictions on society, especially on women. A corporate Middle East will be a modern kind of power hub aligned with India. I feel India plays a major role in this business evolution.
-Alex Fulford, Psychic 2024

Image by Joshua Eckstein from Pixabay

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